Pork Rib


I make a massive effort to be healthy on a day to day basis. Although I’ll never say no to free cupcakes being handed out on campus, most of my meals are wholesome and balanced enough to make a nutritionist shed a tear. Part of that is because I’m learning of new ways to get sick every day at med school, but mainly I do [...]
Caramel Short Rib Meat Plate ($31)


Has anyone ever heard of the podcast Stuff You Should Know? I stumbled upon it about 5 years ago, and have been an avid listener since. Well anyway, recently they did an episode on How BBQ Works, and although I had been planning to go to Dexter for a long time already, that was the nudge I needed to finally get me there. With that [...]
Marinated Oyster Blade


When I went to Korea mid-last year, I was pretty happy to discover that we’re not missing out on all that much in Melbourne. Mind you, my hairdresser – who is awesome by the way, and you can find him here – thinks that the food in Korea is way better. But unlike him, I do not have the good fortune of having grown up [...]
BBQ Beef Brisket ($22, 200g)/Chicken ($40ea)/Pulled Pork Shoulder ($20, 200g)/Sausage Links ($10, 200g)


Think you know Fancy Hank’s? Well think again! Almost overnight it seems, Fancy Hank’s has moved into new digs on Bourke Street, just 2 doors up from Grand Trailer Park Taverna. If you’ve been to the old Fancy Hank’s, then you’d know that Rustic Southern Bistro would be a kind description for the dive bar. The new eatery is much more impressive. Retaining the beautiful [...]
Lechon on Rice ($12.5) with Pork Skewer ($4.5)


As a very under-represented cuisine in Melbourne, Filipino food has always been a shiny curio to me. Based on my very limited knowledge, I know that Filipino cuisine is a very diverse one, taking its influences from a hodge-podge of countries in both the east and the west. And unlike Chris’ sister, I don’t have the good fortune of dating a Filipino bloke, so I [...]
Mac and Cheese ($9)


I’m not one for TV, as I usually prefer to spend my time reading and sleeping. Still, a show will manage to grab me every now and then, and for the last two years (see I told you I wasn’t into TV), that show has been Breaking Bad. I’m currently finishing the dregs of the final season, and by the time this post comes out, [...]