Blackberry Buttermilk Hotcake ($17.5)


Remember how my mum has neither had nor cared about brunch for the first 50-odd years of her life? Well after her inaugural brunch, she is now smitten with the weekend ritual (like all true Melbournians), and has been hassling me to take her out again. Unfortunately, I had shot myself in the foot last time by taking her to Mr Hendricks, which turned out [...]
Harissa Scrambled Eggs ($14.5)


After my dissatisfying brunch at The Glass Den last week, I saw an article on The Urban List for a relatively new and unassuming cafe nearby called The Spot. Craving an unpretentious, well-made meal after the over-decorated faff at The Glass Den, I decided to pop by The Spot for brunch after work the following Saturday. Bearded and smiling, Khalil Qubbaj made his entry into [...]
Benedict ($18.5)


I am a huge fan of bad jokes, and my favourite would have to be the following: I spent all of last night trying to make a belt out of watches. It ended up being a complete waist of time. Pretty bad, hey? So when I walked up to Fat Penguin and saw ‘...enough to break the ice’ written on their sign, I was pretty [...]
Vanilla Bean Waffle ($24)


You know what’s typical Melbourne? Putting a cafe inside of a former prison – you can’t get much more Melbourne than that. Although I’ve been past Pentridge Prison dozens of times on my way to and from Chris’ place, it took me something along the lines of 3 years of commuting before realising that it’s a prison in name and heritage only. Since its closure [...]
Chocolate Brioche French Toast ($19.5)


After 50-odd years of never having had brunch before, and not caring one whit about it, my mum suddenly started whinging to me a few months back about how she’s never ever even had brunch, and basically hassling me to take her out. To be fair, I was all too happy to comply, especially now that I’m earning a good wage. So on a crisp, [...]
Clacked Eggs on Burnt Hay


For the longest time, Hammer and Tong has been one of my favourite brunch spots. But despite always intending to make that return visit someday, K presented me with some very sad news before I could make my way back – Hammer and Tong has quietly disappeared in the night. Predictably, I was a little devastated. When I heard that the space had been taken [...]