Single Stack ($8.5)/Prince Harry ($11.5)


Regardless of how I feel about it, Chris is a bit of a burger connoisseur. After 2 years at his previous work serving a hard apprenticeship of Burger Fridays, he definitely knows a good burger from bad. And when his old boss toted Royal Stacks to be the best burger he's ever had, well, there was nothing for it really but to visit and try [...]
The Colonel ($10)


Grand Trailer Park Taverna has a new baby sibling. Motorhome Majestic may be located all the way out in Ascot Vale, but it could not be more apparent that the two restaurants are related. This restaurant is all about the open road. Hollowed-out RVs have been converted into bars and kitchens. It’s mostly standing room that encourages large crowds and mingling; what seating there is [...]
Smoky BBQ Pork Spare Ribs ($28.5, full rack)


Sometimes mystique is overrated. Take Ribs and Burgers for example; in this instance, the name really does say it all, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Ok so Ribs and Burgers may be attached to a shopping centre, opposite a Degani, but don’t knock it just yet. Though I haven’t heard much about their burgers, there have been some good things said about the [...]
Panko Black Sesame Crumbed Chicken Burger ($15.5)


Most people are pretty surprised when I tell them that working in a hospital is a complete junk-food fest. But when your workplace has a couple of thousand people, coming across cake on daily basis isn’t so far-fetched. And of course, there are all the lovely patients who thank us by fattening us up. Still, all the junk food I eat is more or less [...]
Steak Sandwich with Bacon ($8.4)


These days, you can hardly turn a corner without seeing some new burger joint pop up. The gourmet burger bandwagon just keeps rolling on, and although you’ll never hear me complaining about a new excuse to eat burgers, sometimes it feels as if we can’t possibly keep this up without every store becoming a burger joint eventually. However, amongst all these new-fangled food trends stand [...]
The Spartan (wrap $11.5; open platter $13.5)


I took my sister out for dinner last night at the brand new burger and souvlaki bar in Glen Waverley – Meat in the Middle. In this case, the name more or less does say it all. Despite being a restaurant, the fit-out is leaning towards spartan, as almost half the space is dedicated to smoking and sizzling meats. You order at the counter, but [...]