(11) Platter


Kathy is by far the most cheese-crazed person I know, and if I had realised how cheese-centric the European Cheese Lunch was going to be, I would’ve asked her to be my plus one. Here’s to beginning this post with an apology! Although most people are probably familiar with the artisan produce and gourmet gelato of Spring Street Grocer, I imagine not everyone knows about [...]
Yo My with Cheese ($9)/Bergerk ($12)/American Fries ($6)


Remember when the only non-Asian restaurant in Glen Waverley was Mocha Jo’s? Well get this – now there’s a Mexican tapas restaurant, a steakhouse, and a burger-and-yoghurt bar. YOMG! #Puns #ImSickCutMeSomeSlack. I clearly haven’t been to Glen Waverley for a while, because when I rocked up a couple weeks ago for a lazy dinner, I found not one, but TWO new restaurants lining Kingsway. Because [...]
Chocolate Fondue for Two ($19)


Everyone knows about Max Brenner, but by the time I was old enough to be able to afford to eat there, the idea of having chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and a chocolate milkshake on the side had become unappealing, to say the least. Chris on the other hand insists that boys don’t grow up, but just grow bigger, and [...]
Grilled NZ Dory with Rice and Asian Greens ($14.95)


Healthy fish and chips? Call me sceptical but keen. Sure fish is great for you, but so are vegetables until you make tempura out of them. But then again calories aren’t everything, and when the produce is sustainable and locally sourced, delivered fresh daily, and the food made with care – like at Hooked Healthy Seafood – maybe a wholesome fish and chip meal isn’t [...]
The Laurie Dee Double ($10.95)


From what I’ve heard, being a pharmacist in America is a super lucrative job. I would be earning 6-figures right out of the gate, and given that I’m currently working for peanuts, that’s some pretty good incentive to pack up and move overseas. However, whilst I’m seriously considering going to England down the track, I would never, ever move to America for the following reasons: [...]
Salty Camel ($4.95, small)


Who even eats ice cream these days? With Melbourne becoming more urbane by the day, Paddle Pops have long since been replaced with scoops of sticky gelato in creative flavours. After all, what’s not to like about denser, more concentrated ice cream with lower fat content? With the advent of nitrogen gelato however, frozen dessert enthusiasts have taken their love of gelato one step further. [...]