If 2014 has taught me anything, it’s that sleeping past 7am is a blessing, and that Modern Australian food isn’t as boring as I thought. Not that I would choose it over Spanish food, but when a co-worker suggested Saint Crispin for Chris and my anniversary meal after I had failed to book Attica two months in a row, I readily accepted her idea. Saint [...]


Chris and I both earning a decent salary for the last couple of years has made me complacent. I’ve almost completely forgotten how to feed two people on the budget of a single second year uni student. But when life threw a bunch of expenses at me at the same time, I was left digging through those dusty-long-neglected skills. Surprisingly, I managed to piece together [...]


Two Birds One Stone Indeed. After having brunch next door at the café of the same name, we couldn’t resist popping next door into Adriano Zumbo, the long-anticipated patisserie-cum-macaron-mecca hailing from Sydney. Adriano Zumbo was something out of a dream. As kooky as the fabled desserts themselves, the store was decked out in what seemed like shiny silver balloons stuck to the walls, and a [...]


So I may be a little bit of a control freak. I like to have my day planned out to the minute, and my life planned out a couple years in advance where possible. As a result, when Chris decided to take me out to a romantic dinner at a surprise location, I had several almost-nervous-breakdowns in the week leading up to the date. Turns [...]


‘Why are all the good cafes in alleyways?’ asked my little sister as we rounded the corner to Chez Dre. ‘Because we’re in Melbourne, I grunted back, half-asleep. I’ve kind of been meaning to go to Chez Dre for over a year now, but being car-less, I’ve never really mustered up the determination to trudge my way out there in the early hours. But it’s [...]


The Hardware Street/Lane precinct is anything but a tourist trap… if you know where to look. Between the hulking cafes with vulture-esque spruikers swooping for carrion, there are some great representatives from all corners of the globe. A little Greek sea breeze here, some funky Spanish-inspired brunch there, and even a newcomer that specialises in fancy Japanese pork. And right at the end of Hardware [...]