I couldn’t help but fall in love. Stepping into Bistro Vue is like being transported to the countryside of Provence. I was entirely convinced that when I looked out the window, I would see nothing but an expanse of tall grass and wild lavender. It is every bit the rustic French bistro it aims to be, and everything is so frigging adorable that I wanted [...]


Why can’t romantic lighting and good photos go hand in hand? Before my food blogging (or flogging, as K cheekily calls it) days, the dim moody lighting at Aspro Ble would have delighted me, and it still does, except now it comes with a side serve of ‘how the heck am I going to make these photos blog-presentable?’ Located right at the top end of [...]


The only thing I dislike about brunch is having to get up so very early in the morning, especially during uni holidays. So the brunch had better be pretty darned good for me to crawl out of bed at 8:30 in 4 degree weather. Thankfully, Cafe Vue delivers. Cafe Vue occupies a small niche on the side of the Normandy Chambers, next to its famous [...]


Chris and I nabbed 3 macarons to share – cherry blossom and sake, lemon, and caramel and sea salt ($2.5ea). The cherry blossom and sake unfortunately didn’t taste much of either, but the texture was perfect. The lemon macaron also had a perfect shape and texture, on top of a wonderful lemon flavour, though I would’ve preferred it to be more tart. As for the [...]


The food at Hardware Societe is like the perfect boyfriend. It’s wonderful, it cheers you up on a bad day, it’s good looking, and it’s just that little bit different. And seeing as we’re practically dating Hardware Societe anyway, Chris and I decided that it was the perfect spot for a special brunch date. Ask anyone who has dined here, and they will tell you [...]
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Because you can never have too many good sandwiches. No more than 10 days after our last visit, we were back, and this time we went with le Normand (ham, French brie, butter, lettuce and tomato, $8.50). Everything in the baguette was fairly standard (though of course, wonderfully fresh), but the gooey French brie was what tied it all together, it’s soft creaminess almost a [...]