Lamb Cutlets Paidakia ($18, 3pcs)


Not sure why, but I’ve had a real hankering for Greek food lately. I blame it on the cold weather, which has been making me crave the comforting flavours of Greek cuisine, along with rich plates of pasta and deep bowls of pho. And today, I’ve made my way to Demitri’s Feast. Those who’ve heard of Demitri’s Feast probably know it as a reliable local [...]
Anamiko Souvlaki ($30)


I love Greek food, but as it turns out, I’ve eaten a lot less Greek food than I thought. After picking up an unshakable hankering for some Mediterranean flavours, I looked through my blog, only to realise that I’ve been to a measly dozen or so Greek restaurants in all of my food blogging years. So I immediately set to remedy that, and my first [...]
Mixed Gyros ($24)


Australia may have one of the oldest cultures in the world, but modern Australia is a relative baby of a country, still working on its traditions and identity. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being somewhat of a blank slate meant that over its lifetime, it has picked up bits and pieces from cultures all around the globe, thanks to the vibrant community built [...]
Kalamaki ($4.5ea)


Although it should be right up my alley, I never got into the Masterchef series. Aside from the occasional snippets glimpsed at the gym, the only time I’ve really properly watched Masterchef was during the third season, but I had an ulterior motive. Billy Law, who at the time was still a relatively new and unknown food blogger, happened to be a favourite of mine, [...]
The Spartan (wrap $11.5; open platter $13.5)


I took my sister out for dinner last night at the brand new burger and souvlaki bar in Glen Waverley – Meat in the Middle. In this case, the name more or less does say it all. Despite being a restaurant, the fit-out is leaning towards spartan, as almost half the space is dedicated to smoking and sizzling meats. You order at the counter, but [...]


So apparently I thought that we would just be able to waltz into Gazion a Friday afternoon, without a booking, and get a table for two. In my defence, I keep forgetting that full time work means that we can no longer get to dinner at 5:30. And c’mon, George Calombaris isn’t THAT popular, is he? If you’re familiar with two of Georgie’s other restaurants, [...]