Red Dragon ($13.8)


Russell Street? More like Ramen Street, amirite? Whilst calling it Ramen Street may have been a bit of a stretch back when Shujinko and Hakata Gensuke were the only places selling ramen in the area, with the addition of Musashi Ramen to the same 100 metre-long strip, the name has become apt indeed. Taking a little from each of its predecessors, Musashi has the quaint [...]
Dragon Roll ($20, 8pcs)


Sometimes I get an itch that only a meal at an izakaya will scratch. It’s usually happens when I feel the need to have something that feels a little bit like a treat, but at the same time don’t want to break the calorie bank. And although I’ve just about gone through the more popular izakayas in town, there’s still a couple left, and one [...]
Calamari and Spicy Fish Roe Udon ($14.8)


This post is proudly brought to you by two of my coworkers, Lily and Andy. They’re both fans of Kumo Izakaya; Lily for the pescatarian-friendly food, and Andy for the Japanese beers on tap. Backed with these two glowing recommendations, Kumo received the honour of being the last restaurant I visit before I head off on my two-week Asia sojourn. Usually known for being extremely [...]
Assorted Nigiri Sushi ($13, 6pcs)


When you’ve lived in the same suburb for half your life, even the smallest changes will be noticed. So when an old petrol station shut down, then was converted to a Japanese izakaya-style restaurant no less, more than one set of eyebrows were raised. Like many of my friends who live on the east side, we were all hesitant to give Nishikian a go. After [...]
Ox Tongue Skewer ($7.7, 2pcs)


This was originally going to be a blog post about Lebanese food, but less than 2 hours before dinner, Chris and I ruined our appetites with an unreasonably large serve of onion rings. In light of that new and unfortunate development, Japanese food seemed like a much smarter choice than kofta and kebab. I’d previously seen posters advertising for Wagaya whilst hanging around outside of [...]
Den Fried Chicken ($12)


It’s been a while. The last time I was Izakaya Den was a whole two and a half years ago, to celebrate Chris and my 3rd anniversary. And whilst many things have changed since then, stepping into Izakaya Den felt like stepping backwards in time. Pushing open the dark curtains at the entrance, everything was the same, from the bar running the entire length of [...]