As the first izakaya I’ve ever been to, Maedaya will always hold a special place in my heart and stomach. And though I’m currently unemployed, Chris is a lovely person, and still takes me out for lovely dinners. What a sweetheart. As a Melbourne favourite, not much has changed about this Japanese drinking hole. Sure, they’ve bought out the space next door and filled it [...]


Hey all, it’s Chris here again, taking the reins for a blog post while Ming prepares for registration exams and is generally incredibly busy. Enjoy! I’ve always known Melbourne’s CBD is wonderfully packed with great places to eat, but I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated this fact more than the night Ming and I tried Gyoza Douraku – our original plan was to go to [...]


You know what puts me in a blogging slump? Food poisoning. After eating salad from a place that shall remain un-named, I was afflicted with 3 whole days of gastric agony before I could put anything solid in my mouth again. Still, the show must go on, and on the first of those three days when the nausea wasn’t too bad, I dragged myself to [...]


I’ve worked out the secret to the perfect izakaya experience – do it like the Japanese. Izakaya dining, though satisfying, can rack up quite the bill. So instead of filling up on nothing but nibbles, spend an hour or two snacking on sashimi and fried chicken and sipping on sake, before finishing up with a hearty rice or noodle dish. As far as I can [...]


Chris is pretty awesome. He knows me very well, so instead of buying me shiny things and fluffy toys for our anniversary, he offered to take me out for some lovely lovely meals. I’ve wanted to visit Akachochin since it opened, so that’s made for perfect perfection. Named for the distinctive red lanterns that hang from the eaves of izakayas, Akahochin is a part of [...]


What is love? Love is wanting nothing more but to see that special person at the end of a hard day. Love is sharing a wonderful meal with someone who means the world to you. Love is going out of your way to make your one and only happy. In short, love is an impromptu dinner at Horoki with my most favourite person in the [...]