Himalayan Salt Slab Cured Kingfish ($15, 4pcs)


Another year older, another year... I’m not sure how I should end that sentence, because I certainly don’t feel very different from when I was 23, though I’m sure plenty of things have changed in the interim year. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed however is my love of good food, and the yearly ritual of picking a fancy restaurant for Chris and I to [...]
Tsukune Chicken Balls ($15.5)


I had heard of KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitchen a long time ago, but it was only recently that I had managed to pay this little spot a visit. Although I’ve always known KUU for having an intriguing, Japanese-inspired brunch menu, it was actually dinner that I came for, after deciding that salad is no longer an option for dinner in the recently descended Melbourne [...]
Shoyu Pork Ramen ($11.9)


When the weather turns cold and nasty, what I love the most is a good bowl of ramen. The only thing is, I appear to be running out of new (and good) ramen to try in Melbourne! At least, that was until I came across Shyun Ramen Bar, and so, this blog lives to review another bowl of ramen. If you think the name Shyun [...]
Matcha Lava Lava ($14.8)


Me: a new restaurant just opened up in Emporium. Chris: oh? Me: well it does fancy Japanese food, and the menu looks nice, but also way expensive for what it is. Chris: well maybe we should try it, it could be good. Me: nope. It won’t be. We’re not going.
Mini Sashimi ($12)


Alright, Take 2. As you may recall from our post on Wabi Sabi Salon, when Ming and I first made our way to Aka Siro, we were so disappointed to find that they were still closed for the holidays! So, once we were finally well and truly out of the holiday season, we made a return trip to Aka Siro a priority. Having shown up [...]
Grilled Black Cod ($28)


Call me Peanut Butter and Disappointed. I had attempted to visit Aka Siro just shy of 3 weeks into the new year, but after salivating over the prospect of delicious home-styled Japanese cooking for the entire day, I showed up only to realise that Aka Siro was still closed for the holidays! Luckily I was in the Collingwood/Fitzroy area, and within 5 minutes I had [...]