Shish Tawouk/Lameh/Kraides/Lamb Ribs


After my sensational meal at Miznon last week, I’ve been having ongoing cravings for Middle Eastern food. Unfortunately I also had self-imposed blogging obligations, so instead of just heading back to Miznon to have some more of their amazing pita pockets, I decided to check out Tahini, a self-titled Lebanese diner in the CBD that Chris’ co-workers frequent. As you’d expect of a lot of [...]
Roasted Jap Pumpkin ($12)


Here’s to the last blogged meal of 2016! I know this is a bit late (I do so like having a backlog to rely on), but once again, thank you again to all my readers. Whether you’ve stumbled upon this blog once and never looked at it again, or you’re one of my beloved regulars, I appreciate every single one of you. So I hope [...]
Dips and Bread to Share (Hummous/ Labne/Baba Ghannjou)


One of the best things about a new workplace – aside from learning all the new pharmacy things – is making new friends. New friends who love to eat, and who are ready to recommend their own cast of favourite restaurants. The recommendation for Mama Manoush comes from the lovely Nadera, who’s proven that she has pretty great taste in food. Combine that with an [...]
Baklava ($2.5)


I’m going to confess to a bad habit of mine: I stop off at Al Alamy about three mornings a week for breakfast instead of making my own like a grown-up. And the worst bit is, I can’t find anything wrong with doing that. After all, a spinach and cheese pie fresh from the oven within 2 minutes covers all 4 bases of the holy [...]
Kibbeh Meklieh ($15.5)


I have done something very uncharacteristic. In a combination of warm weather and serendipity, I went out and had vegan food not just once, but TWICE in a row. Mind you, I wouldn’t call Smith and Daughters ‘real’ vegan food on account of how outside of the box and non-vegan tasting it is, but still. By the end of the two meals however, I was [...]
Shish Tawook ($27)


We made the drive out to Eltham one sunny afternoon for dinner at Maroush Lebanese Restaurant. Nestled in a suburb that is half-forest, Maroush is a world away from the gritty Sydney Road haunts that I am so fond of. My experience with Lebanese food up until this point has been huge platters of meat off the spit, fresh salads, and mountains of bread with [...]