Coconut Butter Prawns ($22)


When I make my fortune, I am going to buy a luxurious studio apartment in either South Yarra or Southbank and live the high life. The apartment will have 5 star hotel-worthy facilities, million dollar views, and be within walking distance of dozens of good places to eat. In the meantime, I’ll just settle for sleuthing out nice restaurants, and Ayam Chef makes a good [...]
Prawn Har Mee ($11.8)


Penang Laksa House and I got off on the wrong foot. Why? Because it sits on the grave of one of my favourite places for yum cha and Cantonese dinners – The Treasure. Still, it’s there, so I may as well make the most of it and give it a go. The feedback may be lukewarm but stranger things have happened. Though the outside is [...]


Allow me to be a bit gross for a moment. Although my wisdom teeth came out without a hitch, I am left with stitches in the bottom half of my mouth, and an empty tooth socket in the top half. Though I only got the right side taken out and will have to go back later down the track to get the left ones taken [...]


Quail is one of those delicious but under-utilised meats. Thankfully places like Mabrown exists. Instead of being the same-same and specialising in fried chicken, this place is treated as a fried quail pit stop by most punters. But they do actually do other dishes as well, though you wouldn’t be able to tell it from most diners’ tables. The food here carries a south-east Asian [...]


Laksa Bar has been around for a while, and had even stirred up a bit of a hype in the first months of opening. However, I’ve never been crazy for laksa like I’ve been for other noodle soups (such as ramen and pho), which is fair enough, because unlike pizza, bad laksa is just bad. I’ve had one too many greasy, bland noodle soups to [...]


When I travelled to Malaysia and Singapore two summers back, I spent every available moment stuffing my face with the delicacies on offer. Whilst it didn’t take too long for my stomach to rebel against the never-ending litany of food, I had enough time to eat up all of my favourites – Hainanese chicken rice, fried kweh teow, roti soaked in curry sauce, steaming hot [...]