Roasted Bundarra Pork Shoulder ($35)


To date, my favourite place for brunch is probably Top Paddock (with special mention to Hammer and Tong). However, Top Paddock is by no means an only child; the same folks are also responsible for other brunch big-name such as The Kettle Black, Two Birds One Stone, and formerly Three Bags Full. Given that every single one of these cafes are popular in their own [...]
Chicken Parmagiana with Smoked Kangaroo, Fries, and Salad ($25)


Before tapas and clean eating became popular, the corner pub was where it was at. There was no gluten free or organic, just huge, hearty meals served up with a cold pint. The Napier Hotel has honoured the age-old tradition of meat and 3 veg since 1866, and despite the ongoing gentrification of the Fitzroy area, still remains a beloved local watering-hole to this day. [...]
Seared Scallops and Pork Hock ($19)


I was an avid reader as a child (and even more of an avid-er reader now), often downing books as fast as my parents could take me to the library. I distinctly remember that in year 3, I went through the booklist for the entire year by September, and my teachers ended up telling me to read the dictionary – and I imagine they were [...]
Meat Fruit ($38)


Heston Blumethal – where does one start? When I first heard that The Fat Duck was opening in Melbourne, I was at least twice as excited as the next person to eat at the three Michelin Star wonder. The price however made me quail ($550pp), and I had to comfort myself with the fact that after The Fat Duck closes, it will be permanently replaced [...]
Grilled Calamari ($16)


It is a widely known fact that everything Andrew McConnell touches turns to gold, but as much as I adore the man, I have had a few lacklustre experiences in his slew of amazing restaurants. Still, that ratio doesn’t stop me from being excited when I heard about the opening of Marion, a companion wine bar to his Modern Australian magnate, Cutler and Co. Located [...]
Pan Seared Calamari ($19.5)


You know a restaurant is going to be good when the tram driver announces it as he goes by. Of course, that can’t have anything to do with the fact that the restaurant in question is named Stop 17, right? The decor of Stop 17 is right up my alley. The combination of exposed brick, wooden rafters, and corrugated iron appealed to the true blue [...]