Margherita Pizza ($18)/Classic Italian Meatball Pizza ($22.5)


Remember my little sister? She’s 13 years old, cute as a button (though I’m sure she’d hate me saying that), is a fantastic drawer, and gets painfully embarrassed when Chris is in the same room. Unfortunately for her, she got stuck with us when my parents went away for the week, and we gleefully bundled her up (metaphorically – she’s got half a head and [...]
Badabing ($20.5)


It’s a wee bit upsetting when you’ve had pizza on your mind all day, only to find out 10 minutes before leaving work that the restaurant you wanted to go to is closed on Mondays. I mean, whose idea was that? Did they not realise that carb and comfort food cravings are at an all-week high on Mondays? But although opening hours sometimes disappoint, Melbourne [...]
Margherita ($19.5)


Pizza is bad luck. Either that, or pizza gets me so excited that I forget about everything, including my camera. Three years after I left my camera at Tazio after a pizza dinner, I did the same thing again, this time at Baby Café and Pizzeria. Thankfully, when I realized 4 hours later and called the staff up, they had my camera, and they were [...]
Pork and Fennel Sausage, Salami, Chilli and Basil ($18.9)


Chris loves pizza. I like pizza as friend, and that’s something Chris will probably never reconcile himself to, much in the same way I get offended over his relative indifference for potatoes. That said, I would happily agree to a pizza date, this time at 11 Inch Pizza, which I have neglected for a long time because I couldn’t work out if it was dine-in [...]


Everyone knows 400 Gradi. It skyrocketed to fame overnight by snatching the award of Best Pizza in the World from 600 other competitors, and in Italy no less. And next thing I know, they’ve opened up a huge 200-seater branch in Crown, with another to come in Essendon. Choosing not to challenge the queues at the original location, we made for the crown branch instead. [...]


I’ve always been glad to live in a multicultural city, and even more so when I began this food blogging biz. But a part of me has always wondered – what if I was eating the ‘fake’ versions of all the delicious foods on offer around the world? Like that time in China where my grandparents bought me what they thought, honest to god, was [...]