The Cheeseburger Toastie ($18)


As unbelievable as it may seem, I have finished the first year of medical school! It was simultaneously the longest and shortest year ever; whilst it felt like classes would never end, the assessments just came rushing up one after another. Almost before I even realised, I was stumbling out of my final exams, absolutely drained after the 7-hour ordeal, and ready for some sustenance [...]
Crackles Classic ($14.5)


Let me put this down on record so Chris can’t weasel out of it down the track: he has promised to bring me an entire sheet of pork crackling at uni. And where exactly does one get an entire sheet of pork crackling? Mr Crackles of course, the place where the name really does say it all. Having long-since held cult status in Sydney (and [...]
Toasted Bagel ($16.5)


This meal at Alimentari is brought to you by K! The beloved foodie in crime who, if you’ll remember, gave me an awful recommendation for Kaneda. So this is his one big chance at redemption – let’s see if he’s earned his way back into my good books… Alimentari is the closest thing K has to a local café; Mondays see him grabbing a quick [...]
Meatball Soup ($12)


Ah summer. Despite the scorching days and muggy nights, it’s all worth it for those breezy balmy evenings. I had originally planned to have Vietnamese for dinner, but when I walked by Chuckle Park Bar and Cafe, the weather was just too beautiful to pass up a visit to this lovely little outdoor spot. To call Chuckle Park a Bar and Cafe is a bit [...]
The MD Reuben ($9.5)


I love sandwiches, but I’m absolutely terrified of making my own. Though it’s easy-ish to make a delicious sandwich, the last thing I want to see is how much butter I’ve smeared onto the bread, or how many egg yolks went into that dressing. So I’m burying my head in the sand(wich); what of it? Anyway, it was with great relish that I hit up [...]
Pho Bo Saigon ($12)


Having just had my other two wisdom teeth removed, I am currently strung out on a potent combination of oxycodone, diazepam, yesterday’s adrenalin, and a 40 minute struggle with a tooth that refused to come out. So brace yourselves, bad writing is coming. As far as I’m concerned, Emporium has two food courts – the one on the top floor, and the one at the [...]