(8) Food


After a solid 7 years of friendship, Ethan and I finally have birthdays worked out. No presents, but we will take each other out for a nice dinner. So after Ethan went skydiving courtesy of his fiancée (congratulations again, Ethan and Jaz!), I treated him to some Latin street food at Kiki Riki. Despite the pretty reasonable reviews however, Kiki Riki was completely deserted when [...]
(7) Food


One of my dearest wishes is to travel to Mexico, and eat 50c tacos out of a street-side stall. Chris is convinced that the moment we step foot off the plane, we will get entangled in a drug cartel and lose our lives, all for some tacos, which we can get in Melbourne anyway. And he’s not even the one who watches breaking bad. So [...]
(14) Course 1


Prahran being what it is, there are always new restaurants popping up, day in and day out. The newest addition to the long strip of fashionable eateries is Jalisco Mexican, a colourful taqueria beaming out onto Chapel Street. Jalisco is festively and undeniably Mexican. The folk music blared, the tequila bottles glittered, and the interior was decorated with a jumble of quirky and unique trinkets. [...]
Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Curry ($16)


Vietnamese food has been getting a bit of a revamp in the last couple of years. Though it’s still very much down-and-dirty in the outer suburbs, complete with sticky floors and food slapped onto massive plates, the inner suburbs have taken the trendy street food vibe and run with it. And being a big fan of nibbling my way through half a dozen dishes, who [...]
Chilli Tiger Prawns ‘n’ Green Apple Rice Paper Rolls ($6, 2pcs)


Pho N Roll is a little Vietnamese cafe, hidden away in a bluestone building near Southern Cross Station. It’s easy to miss, but I found myself being led to it by my nose. The restaurant itself isn’t much to look at, being more of a series of tables in the foyer, but the intoxicating aroma of spices and beef bones hint at something a little [...]
Chicken & Kaffir Lime Scotched Egg, Pork Ribs & Tamarind ($18.5)


My favourite bar in town? That would have to go to either Cookie, Colonel Tan’s, or Boney. And what’s the best drink on their menu? No sodding idea. What I can tell you is that they’re all run by the same group of humans, and not only do they serve alcohol, but they also have a killer food menu to go with their drinks. The [...]