No Nori No Rice ($17.5, 6pcs)


It’s been another long year, and frankly, 2017 is one year that I’m pretty happy to be leaving behind. Not that it’s been a bad year – not by a long stretch – but after the ordeals of studying to get into medicine, finishing my Masters, and organising the move up to Sydney, I’ve had enough of waiting and planning, and I’m ready to start [...]
Sushi Sashimi  Large ($58)


When I first met Chris – this would’ve been well over 10 years ago now – his culinary world was rather narrow. In fact, I remember the first time we ate dumplings together at a cheap and cheerful in Chinatown, he found the experience to be entirely overwhelming. These days, Chris is a much more acceptable specimen. The years of being dragged along to all [...]
Wagyu Yakiniku Nigiri ($4.3)


When Sushi Hotaru first opened, I (like everyone else) was a huge fan of their cheap as chips, yet good quality and inventive sushi. Over the intervening years however, I’ve found that both the quality and quantity have dropped somewhat, whilst being accompanied by a price hike. With that said, $3.3 is still very reasonable for a plate of sushi off the train, but combine [...]
Kingfish Nigiri ($3.8)


We all know and love Sushi Hotaru, but I’d be lying if I said I enjoy waiting 45 minutes for a table, nor do I like having to run into the CBD every time I wanted a sushi train fix. So when the old newsagent in Box Hill Centro closed and was replaced by Sushi Jiro, it was definitely a much better outcome than I [...]


I eat a lot of sushi, and I’m not very picky. I’ll eat whatever is thrown my way as long as it has vinegared rice, seafood, and possibly a piece of nori holding it together. But then again, nothing much makes me happier than excellent sushi, even if I have to fork out a bundle o’ cash for it. And whilst Sakura Kaiten Sushi definitely [...]


What do you get when you combine a food blogger and the resolve to eat healthy? You get a very, very frustrated Chris trying to find a good restaurant that ticks all the boxes, and on a budget to boot. Thankfully I had recently heard about Sushi Hotaru, hailing from Sydney and serving a large range of sushi for $3 per plate – perfect. I’ve [...]