I eat a lot of sushi, and I’m not very picky. I’ll eat whatever is thrown my way as long as it has vinegared rice, seafood, and possibly a piece of nori holding it together. But then again, nothing much makes me happier than excellent sushi, even if I have to fork out a bundle o’ cash for it. And whilst Sakura Kaiten Sushi definitely [...]


What do you get when you combine a food blogger and the resolve to eat healthy? You get a very, very frustrated Chris trying to find a good restaurant that ticks all the boxes, and on a budget to boot. Thankfully I had recently heard about Sushi Hotaru, hailing from Sydney and serving a large range of sushi for $3 per plate – perfect. I’ve [...]


I do love me some good salmon. And I’ve heard that Ume Sushi House does a pretty good one. So I guess it makes sense that we’re here when I decided I couldn’t be bothered to head out to Coburg for some falafel. Marked by a row of red lanterns hanging from the eaves, Ume Sushi House is situated in the buzzing, restaurant-studded section of [...]


What was the longest time you’ve ever craved for something? Because I’ve been craving for a simple bowl of chirashi for the last two months. But being the food blogger I am, I couldn’t just get a bowl from reliable old Don Don, oh no, it had to be somewhere new. Even if it meant waiting night after lonely night for it; that’s how completely [...]
(1) Bacon And Eggs - 4.9


I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. Back to the days (or so I’ve heard) where lunch costed no more than a handful of loose change. Most things on the fairly extensive menu at Delicious Delights Cafe Bar cost around the lower end of $5-$10, with a small handful of items, such as the steak and parma, going just a couple of dollars over. [...]