Braised Beef Short Rib Bao ($15, 2pcs)


I’m not a big fan of heading out to the St Kilda area. Not only is parking expensive and scarce, the only public transport option is the temperamental tram network that often results in waits of upwards of 20 minutes after 8pm. Luckily, there’s only a few restaurants out that way that I’m extremely keen on trying, so I don’t have to brave the trip [...]
Pandan Panna Cotta ($16)


You know what’s clever? Discovering vaccinations is clever. Making cereal out of Milo is clever. And opening Hochi Mama right next door to Rice Paper Scissors is clever. So why is Hochi Mama being where it is such a clever move? Well, when Rice Paper Scissors first opened, its concept of building your own banquet from a selection of dishes for a set price caught [...]
Pad Cha Duck ($18.9)


It may have technically been Spring for a month and a half already, but that won’t stop the chilly Winter winds nipping at our heels through to Summer (typical Melbs). But I know a way of bringing a bit of much-needed sun to these lingering Winter evenings – Thai Tiki Hut. I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in Melbourne, but Thai Tiki Hut takes [...]
Chicken Pad Thai ($13)


According to Zomato, Nine Elephants is the best restaurant in Docklands. And because you can only go so wrong with Thai food in Melbourne these days, I finally went and checked it out one day after work. Nine Elephants is a little bit off the glittery, bar-studded main strip of Docklands, and there’s no sign either, so it’s a little hard to find. But here’s [...]
Lamb Shank Massaman ($21)


Ever since coming back from my trip to Korea and Hong Kong, I have been revelling in the slight drunkenness that comes from the joy of having such a huge variety of food at my fingertips. As great as food in both countries were, it is both amazing and liberating to be able to change my mind half a dozen times throughout the day about [...]
Chicken Pad Kee Mao ($14.5)


A couple days earlier, I was looking for a new place to eat when I came across Saowanee Thai. I browsed through some pictures, read a couple of reviews, one of which included phrases such as ‘I have never eaten such fully sick food in my life’, and ‘Anyone who lives in Thailand needs to move house now because this is the real Thailand’. Needless [...]