Oyster ($3.5)


I am a big puddle of sad, weepy tears. Chris finally talked me into seeing Inside Out last weekend – I love Pixar but hate going to the movies – and now everything is ruined. I wouldn’t recommend Inside Out to anyone unless they have a fondness for having their hearts ripped out of their chests with a gnarled claw. It is an outstanding movie [...]
Paella with Chorizo, Chicken, Diamond Clams and Saffron ($36)


For someone who luuuuuurves Spanish food, I really don’t explore the cuisine all that much. I mean, I have the award-winning MoVida Next Door and its constantly changing specials menu, what more would I need? Because of this, I’ve yet to visit Anada Bar and Restaurant, a cosy little wine and tapas bar in Fitzroy, despite its popularity and proximity. I finally managed it one [...]
Spaghetti Affumicati ($24)


For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been treated to (and tortured by) a series of photos on Facebook of one of my friends, who is currently travelling around Italy. Whilst I may not be able to join in on the blue skies, clear waters, and beautiful historic sites, I can at least appease my craving with a good bowl of pasta. My usual go-to [...]
Raw Kingfish, Tomato, Oyster Mayonnaise & Laver ($18)


If there’s one man I can admit to loving just as much as Frank Camorra, it would be Andrew McConnell (sorry Chris). Barring Golden Fields, which was just ok, there has been no Andrew McConnell experience that hasn’t left me foaming at the mouth with delight. I had promised to treat myself to dinner at Cumulus Up once I finally found a job, so here [...]
Prosciutto ($9 for 1, $12 for 2, $18 for 3)


As sad as I am to admit it, Friday night dates have sort of lost their shine ever since I’ve been out of a job. A nice meal out may still be enjoyable, but it just feels like I’ve done absolutely nothing to earn them. But am I going to stop having Friday night dates? NOPE. Ombra opened quietly (or maybe I just wasn’t paying [...]


I admit that there’s something exciting about trying a less well-known restaurant. I very rarely visit a restaurant that doesn’t have copious amounts of good reviews backing it up – chalk that up to my very science-oriented education – so when I actually pick a place simply because I like the look of it, it’s a bit of a big deal. Not that Self Preservation [...]