Crab Meat Scramble ($18.5)


I’m back on the brunch train! After realising that going to bed at 2am and sleeping in until noon on weekends makes for an excruciating Monday, I’ve started making an effort to set myself more reasonable bed and wake-up times. Then lo-and-behold, all of a sudden I have way more daylight hours at my disposal, and what better way is there to make use of [...]
Bacio ($4.5) with Melted Nutella ($1)


For the longest time, my go-to place for good gelato is Gelato Messina. Between their 40-odd flavours and half a dozen decadent specials that rotate on a weekly basis, I saw no need to ever go anywhere else. But after a few people have told me that Pidapipo is even better than Messina, there was nothing for it but to try it out. Having previously [...]
Battered Flake with Chips and Garden Salad ($16.9)


Remember when getting fish and chips meant walking down the road to a slightly dingy, rundown shop to get some fish, potato cakes, dim sims and minimum chips in a sweaty paper package for the family? As much as I might harbour nostalgia for those childhood memories, you won’t catch me saying no to any of the newer, cleaner, and more stylish fish and chipperies [...]
Avocado Magic ($14.5)


While Ming is slaving away at work like usual, I, Chris, have a convenient 3 weeks of holidays before starting a new job. Perfect time for a guest post if you ask me! I love lasagne. Ever since eating it at home as a child, I’ve always found myself irresistibly drawn to it any time I see it on a menu. It doesn’t even need [...]
Chilli Glazed Lamb Ribs


A 9-course tapas feast for $39 called ‘Feed Me’? Cure Bar and Eatery knows the way to my heart. Located in a relatively quiet section of suburban Carlton, Cure Bar and Eatery is a small, vintage-styled tapas and whiskey bar that seems to be a regular haunt for the locals. Chris had just finished his final uni exam (ever!), and we were here for a [...]


I’ve always been glad to live in a multicultural city, and even more so when I began this food blogging biz. But a part of me has always wondered – what if I was eating the ‘fake’ versions of all the delicious foods on offer around the world? Like that time in China where my grandparents bought me what they thought, honest to god, was [...]