Chris is my other half, I am sure of it. If I had said to anyone else that I wanted something eat-y for lunch, they probably would’ve given me a funny look and be done with me. But Chris understands me; when I say I want something eat-y, he nods sagely and agrees, before letting me pick out a restaurant that is sufficiently eat-y for [...]


What’s your favourite comfort food? I personally love digging into a plate of Japanese curry, a deep bowl of golden wedges, and as ashamed I am to admit it, the very, very occasional cup of two minute noodles. But cravings like that don’t happen often; most of the time when I’m stressed out, what I really want is a fresh, hearty and balanced meal. A [...]
Falafel ($6)


A1 Bakery was jokingly (??) referred to by a friend back in high school as The Bakery Made By Jesus, though I’ve never found out why. And whenever I asked him for the reason, he merely replied insistently that it’s because it’s made by Jesus, and no amount of wheedling could get a better answer out of him. Four years later, I’ve finally found the [...]


Every single blog I read is doing one of these, and because I love lists and hate missing out, I’m going to do one too!


I’m not quite sure what Arabic cuisine is like. In fact, I didn’t even know that Al Alamy was Arabic until I went and did some research. Meaning ‘world of foods’, Al Alamy is true to its name; a cross between a vast playground of exotic groceries and an ethnic bakery/cafe, it’s enough to make any foodie’s eyes glaze over. For just the change you [...]