Apple Piecake ($19.5)


I am the brunch-bringer in my family. Although my parents have boundless enthusiasm for newly opened Chinese restaurants and will basically try every single one they see within a 10km radius of their house, they’re a bit more timid when it comes to brunch. This is rather unfortunate, as they are big fans of brunch (who isn’t). So when I’m in town, I see it [...]
Mushroom, BBQ Pork and Bean Curd in Clay Pot ($18.5)


Happy Holidays! Even though this post won’t actually get released until about mid-January, we are right in the silly season at the time of writing. So to all my beloved readers out there: thanks for sticking with me, have a good break, and eat lots of fantastic food! Speaking of eating fantastic food, I often find that easier said than done at this time of [...]
The Spartan (wrap $11.5; open platter $13.5)


I took my sister out for dinner last night at the brand new burger and souvlaki bar in Glen Waverley – Meat in the Middle. In this case, the name more or less does say it all. Despite being a restaurant, the fit-out is leaning towards spartan, as almost half the space is dedicated to smoking and sizzling meats. You order at the counter, but [...]
Yo My with Cheese ($9)/Bergerk ($12)/American Fries ($6)


Remember when the only non-Asian restaurant in Glen Waverley was Mocha Jo’s? Well get this – now there’s a Mexican tapas restaurant, a steakhouse, and a burger-and-yoghurt bar. YOMG! #Puns #ImSickCutMeSomeSlack. I clearly haven’t been to Glen Waverley for a while, because when I rocked up a couple weeks ago for a lazy dinner, I found not one, but TWO new restaurants lining Kingsway. Because [...]
Stewed Beef with Bamboo Shoot ($26.8)


Raise your hands if you like Sichuan food! Now raise your hands if Dainty Sichuan was the first place you’ve ever had it! What started as an exceedingly humble 8-table restaurant in 2003 has since then expanded to an empire that reigns the Sichuan food scene in Melbourne. These days, Dainty Sichuan is spread over 4 locations – South Yarra, Box Hill, Emporium, and Glen [...]
Pork Ribs Yee Mee ($12.5)


Guess who’s on university holidays while Ming toils away at full-time work? It’s Chris, back again to lend a hand with the blogging. (And oh, I hope you all enjoy the new website! It’s been a long time coming.) If you’re eating in Glen Waverley, there’s a 95% chance you’re eating in Kingsway – the ever-busy strip of shops, restaurants, and cafes with something to [...]