Nutella Stuffed Pancakes ($20)


Before moving to Sydney, I had heard my share of horror stories about the city, along with the accolade for the beaches, weather, and Asian food. ‘The rent is so expensive!’, everyone would say upon hearing about the move, before following up with ‘and the roads are just awful!’ In my naivety, I wrote the warnings off. I mean, it’s not like Melbourne is exactly [...]
Matcha Waffle ($21)


After almost 5 years of loyal service, my ever-faithful camera appears to have finally hit its last legs. It had been coughing and sputtering on me increasingly often in the last year or so, but it took a false alarm a few weeks back for me to seriously start looking into a replacement. So long story short, I’ve now got a newer and fancier camera, [...]
Blackberry Buttermilk Hotcake ($17.5)


Remember how my mum has neither had nor cared about brunch for the first 50-odd years of her life? Well after her inaugural brunch, she is now smitten with the weekend ritual (like all true Melbournians), and has been hassling me to take her out again. Unfortunately, I had shot myself in the foot last time by taking her to Mr Hendricks, which turned out [...]
Ricotta Hotcakes with Almond Cream, Berry Coulis, and Maple Syrup ($17.5)


Ever heard of the CCC Group? Oh yes you have. After all, they are responsible for about half a dozen cafes across Melbourne, including brunch big-names such as Addict Food and Coffee, and Prospect Espresso. But today, I’m here to check out their Hawthorn stalwart – Liar Liar. Liar Liar has been on my radar since the beginning of my blogging days, but there have [...]
Slow Braised Ham Hock, Roti Bread, Chilli BBQ Sauce, Two Fried Eggs, Fennel & Apple ($20)


Long hours at work, coupled with a profound hatred for getting up early on weekends, makes going out for brunch somewhat a rarity for me these days. Still, every now and then I will manage to drag myself out of bed on the right side of a Sunday morning for a spot of poached eggs. Bawa is a relatively new addition to Hawthorn, sitting just [...]
Margherita Pizza ($18)/Classic Italian Meatball Pizza ($22.5)


Remember my little sister? She’s 13 years old, cute as a button (though I’m sure she’d hate me saying that), is a fantastic drawer, and gets painfully embarrassed when Chris is in the same room. Unfortunately for her, she got stuck with us when my parents went away for the week, and we gleefully bundled her up (metaphorically – she’s got half a head and [...]