Himalayan Salt Slab Cured Kingfish ($15, 4pcs)


Another year older, another year... I’m not sure how I should end that sentence, because I certainly don’t feel very different from when I was 23, though I’m sure plenty of things have changed in the interim year. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed however is my love of good food, and the yearly ritual of picking a fancy restaurant for Chris and I to [...]
Wok Tossed Pipis ($19)


Ok, so, get this: I had booked a long-overdue dentist appointment with my regular, preparing for an arduous and expensive afternoon of teeth cleaning and scraping. I get there, sit down, and 10 minutes later, this unfamiliar bloke comes out and goes ‘do you remember me?’ (I obviously didn’t). Seeing the dumb look on my face, he followed up with ‘don’t you? It’s been a [...]
Chilli Scrambled Eggs ($18)


The life of a hospital pharmacist is a busy one – especially when you’re trying to learn to read ECGs in your spare time – so to take some of the heat off, it’s Chris here again with your latest food blog fix. Picture this: you’ve been travelling for what seems like an eternity in search of the perfect brunch. Turning this way and that, [...]
(14) Course 1


Prahran being what it is, there are always new restaurants popping up, day in and day out. The newest addition to the long strip of fashionable eateries is Jalisco Mexican, a colourful taqueria beaming out onto Chapel Street. Jalisco is festively and undeniably Mexican. The folk music blared, the tequila bottles glittered, and the interior was decorated with a jumble of quirky and unique trinkets. [...]
Farmer’s Zakuski ($27.5)


I don’t like Prahran. You think it’s hard to find parking in Fitzroy? Wait until you try this end of town. So it’s double the shame that there’s so much good eating around there. Food always, always wins out however, which I how I found myself spending 20 minutes trawling the streets for parking, just so I could eat at Borsch, Vodka, and Tears. ‘It’s [...]


What do you do when you have a boyfriend who doesn’t like coriander? You get a new boyfriend. Well not quite, but K has always been BackupBF for all those meals where Chris would’ve moaned incessantly about the amount of herbs in the food. And seeing as Chris is getting back from Hong Kong the next day, I took the opportunity to hit up Saigon [...]