Kimchi Jjigae ($16)


You know what is super duper excruciatingly awkward? When you walk into a restaurant, sit down, and look at the menu for a good 10 minutes, before realising that you’re in the wrong place. At least I realised before the banchan came out. In my defence, Sydney Madang is hard to find. Not only is it one of many on a street lined with Korean [...]
Pad Thai with Chicken ($14)


I snuck off to Sydney for some serious business last week, and of course, with serious business comes serious eating. I’ve long come to accept the fact that Thai food (and maybe even Asian food in general) in Sydney is superior to what’s available in Melbourne, and although it will never cease to upset me at least a little, it also gives me an extra [...]


Remember what I said about the perks of Sydney? Well aside from ramen, the other thing Sydney does way better than Melbourne is Thai food. After an agonising night trying to decide between two of the most popular Thai restaurants, I settled on Chat Thai, located right near our hotel, in Thai Town. Considering how busy it was, Chat Thai really should be bigger. But [...]


For all the raving I’ve done about the food in Sydney, I haven’t forgotten about Melbourne. After all, who could forget the hipster cafes, hidden laneways, and excellent brunch on every other street corner? So it was with a mixture of nostalgia (already!) and curiosity that Chris and I visited Bills, one of the most-lauded brunch spots in Sydney, to see how it stacks up [...]


It’s been a while. Ever since Hutong crashed and burnt, I haven’t had a good Xiao Long Bao (XLB). So it’s not surprising that my first stop on my Sydney food pilgrimage (and anniversary trip, Chris put in grumpily) is Din Tai Fung, where the legendary XLB have earned themselves an elusive Michelin Star. At just before 8pm, we were facing a 15 minute wait. [...]


I may be a stolid Melbournian, but there is no denying that Sydney has its perks. The first one is ramen – Gumshara Ramen to be precise, serving up what’s almost unanimously agreed to be the best ramen in Sydney. Located in an unglamorous food court that’s nevertheless a mecca for lovers of Asian cuisine, the small store front gives but a glimpse of what’s [...]