Himalayan Salt Slab Cured Kingfish ($15, 4pcs)


Another year older, another year... I’m not sure how I should end that sentence, because I certainly don’t feel very different from when I was 23, though I’m sure plenty of things have changed in the interim year. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed however is my love of good food, and the yearly ritual of picking a fancy restaurant for Chris and I to [...]
Braised Beef Short Rib Bao ($15, 2pcs)


I’m not a big fan of heading out to the St Kilda area. Not only is parking expensive and scarce, the only public transport option is the temperamental tram network that often results in waits of upwards of 20 minutes after 8pm. Luckily, there’s only a few restaurants out that way that I’m extremely keen on trying, so I don’t have to brave the trip [...]
Pan-Roasted Flinders Island Lamb Fillet


Every year in December, Chris and I celebrate our anniversary, his birthday, and Christmas, all in the span of 2 weeks. Instead of doing 3 separate things, we usually just end up having one lavish session of present-exchanging and food-eating. But this year I had a bit of trouble picking the restaurant; out of all the ones I haven’t been to, I couldn’t get into [...]
Scotch Fillet, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Parsley and Garlic Butter ($36)


A few weeks ago, I quietly darted off to China for a couple weeks to see my beloved grandparents and extended family. I lived with my grandpa and grandma (on dad’s side) for a good 2 years in my early childhood, and despite that not being very long in the grand scheme of things, they feature in some of my fondest memories. Eating is serious [...]
Paella a la Escorza ($28pp)


Carino means love or affection, and when it comes to my own relationship with Spanish food, I have to say the name Carino Tapas Bar is rather apt. Decorated in a Flamenco style, the interior of Carino is unimaginative but also quite lovely. We were the only ones around at 6:15pm on a Friday night, but as it turns out we just eat extremely early. [...]
Meat Fruit ($38)


Heston Blumethal – where does one start? When I first heard that The Fat Duck was opening in Melbourne, I was at least twice as excited as the next person to eat at the three Michelin Star wonder. The price however made me quail ($550pp), and I had to comfort myself with the fact that after The Fat Duck closes, it will be permanently replaced [...]