A1 Bakery

645 Sydney Rd
Brunswick, VIC 3056

A1 Bakery was jokingly (??) referred to by a friend back in high school as The Bakery Made By Jesus, though I’ve never found out why. And whenever I asked him for the reason, he merely replied insistently that it’s because it’s made by Jesus, and no amount of wheedling could get a better answer out of him. Four years later, I’ve finally found the time for a visit to the Sydney Road bakery myself, which will hopefully solve the mystery.   

It may call itself a bakery, but don’t let the name fool you. In what seems to be the norm amongst Middle Eastern bakeries, it also doubles as an ethnic grocer. What results is a multi-cultural melting pot of people from all walks of life, here for some shopping and a bite to eat. You’d be just as likely to sit across from a group of hungry tradies as you are an old Asian grandmother with her grandson, or a trio of giggling girls skipping school.

The humble doors open out into a cavernous hall is half bakery, half grocer, half cafe, and half eating area. So once you’re done buying your weekly supply of flatbread and falafel mix, you can sit down to enjoy a cheese pie and a cup of too-strong Turkish coffee. And don’t forget to pick up a huge jar of home-pickled radishes on your way out for just $3. 

Spinach and Cheese Triangle ($4)
The food comes quickly, and the first thing to arrive was the Spinach and Cheese Triangle($4). Chunks of feta and a tangle of fresh spinach tumbled out as the bread was pulled apart. I absolutely loved the combination of the slightly wilted greens and sharp yet creamy feta, all wrapped up in a casing that is fluffy and not at all doughy, and still slightly crispy from its stay in the wood-fire oven.
Cheese Pie ($3.5)
The Cheese Pie ($3.5) was a pillow of soft bread, its insides lined with salty haloumi cheese that still retained some of its satisfying squeakiness. Cheese and bread anything is bound to be good and this was no exception, though to me it stood out a lot less than the spinach and cheese triangle.
Falafel ($6)

Falafel ($6)

We also shared some Falafel($6), which had the option of being served as part of a platter, or in a wrap. The slightly flattened balls were uniform in shape and golden in colour, and each had a crispy shell that encased a smooth, green chickpea mix that was gently flavoured with spices. They were impressively well-drained, and along with the flat bread, vegetables, pickles, and nutty tahini sauce, made for a light and nourishing meal that was just what my moody stomach needed.
Baklava ($1)
The Baklava ($1ea) at A1 is life-changing. I would usually say that I’m not a fan of Middle Eastern sweets, baklava especially, as I’ve always thought them to be much too sweet and lacking in dimension. But I’ve come to realise that’s like saying you don’t like dumplings because all you’ve had was mystery mince wrapped in gluggy pastry from the food court.  This morsel was absolutely perfect; the layers of filo pastry were thin and brittle like old parchment, rustling as I bit into it. Wrapped in the little parcel was  a center of chopped nuts that released a burst of syrup as it melted in the mouth, leaving a lingering, but not overpowering sweetness that allowed the subtle nuances of the dessert to be appreciated. I can honestly say I’ve hardly had a better dessert. 
By the time we walked out, feeling that sense of light fullness that can only come from eating an honest, wholesome meal, I still didn’t know why my friend insisted on calling A1 the bakery made by Jesus. But if he’s referring to how wonderful, lovable, and in the baklava’s case, life-changing it is, then I have every inclination to agree with him. 
Rating: 14/20 – class A1.

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  • Reply Peach Water 12/08/2012 at 3:57 am

    HAhaha – now here’s one place I havent visited :P
    BUT yummmm baklava <3

    I still think your photos are better xo

    • Reply ming 14/08/2012 at 11:05 am

      You should definitely visit as soon as you come back, it’s so cheap, fresh and delicious! And guhhhhh that baklava <3<3<3

      I still say we should go to the same places, take photos, then swap… or just merge our twinsie blogs!

  • Reply Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake 14/08/2012 at 3:06 pm

    That baklava looks absolutely amazing! Can’t believe it’s only $1…I really have to make my way there some time.

    • Reply ming 15/08/2012 at 8:12 am

      It is actually amazingly good, I almost teared up a little :p

      Don’t forget the cheese and spinach pie though :)

  • Reply Eatandbemerrycrew 16/08/2012 at 11:18 am

    Have to say this place is an absolute favorite of mine. Its the other side of town but I always seem to end up here at least once a month. For the cheese pie, that used to be amazing but they seem to be a bit tighter with the amount of cheese filling these days. Fil

    • Reply ming 17/08/2012 at 5:32 am

      Have you been to Al Alamy? It’s a little bit futher up Sydney Road serving similar stuff but it’s actually cheaper (surprisingly!) tha A1. Aside from the baklava, I probably would pick it over A1, though I do find their dough to be a little less light and fluffy in comparison.

    • Reply Eatandbemerrycrew 18/08/2012 at 11:21 am

      Yes I have, but not for a while. Like them both but tend to end up at A1 because its a bit bigger and so easier to sit and read the paper. I also like Mankoushe on Lygon Street, and Oasis is good if a bit hard to get to by public transport. But there are a whole stretch of bakeries along Sydney Road that I need to try at some stage.


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