Andrew’s Hamburgers

144 Bridport St 
Albert Park, VIC 3206
Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned burger? Well my mum doesn’t but she eats like a nun; everyone else’s eyes tend to light up immediately at the words ‘hey I know this great burger place…’, and the appeal is multiplied tenfold if that burger place also happens to be a hidden gem.
But Andrew’s Hamburgers is no secret. In fact it’s not even one of those poorly kept secrets that Melbourne seems to love so much. It is unabashedly and undeniably popular; their wooden panelled walls are lined with all sorts of newspaper clippings and signed photographs. There are even photos of the (current) owner, Greg Pappas, with culinary big shots like Matt Preston (forever in a suit and cravat) and George Calombaris (looking adorable in a scruffy pullover). It took us a while but we finally made it here to see if their title of ‘best burgers in Melbourne’ is deserved.
When we showed up at just past 1pm, the small take-away shop was pumping. 6 people manoeuvred themselves around the tiny kitchen, grilling beef and frying onions. The delicious smells were utter torture as we waited the 15 minutes for our burgers.
As soon as we received our hefty bag of burgers and chips, we scuttled to the nearby park to enjoy our feast on the grass.
Plain Burger ($7.5)
Plain Burger ($7.5)

The Plain Burger ($7.5) came with the staples of onion, lettuce and tomato sauce. It was rather dear compared to most burgers from take-away stores but the bun was hearty and fluffy, the patty was coarse and juicy, and there was just enough onion and tomato sauce to add some flavour.

The Lot Burger ($10.5)
The Lot Burger ($10.5)
The Lot Burger ($10.5) was as big as my head, piled high with bacon, cheese, egg and tomato. The flavours are placid and comforting, with no elements jostling for attention. This is a good quality burger that doesn’t offer any surprises, except that of an excellent, hearty meal where you least expect it. We washed our meal with a rather large bag of Mini Chips($2). These were actually really good, with lots of those little crispy bits that I love.
Andrew’s Hamburgers offered a reliable, tasty burger made with fresh and generous ingredients. The patty is chunky and smoky from the grill, held together with a soft yet solid bun. But how impressed was I? Admittedly, as nice as the burger was, I’d be much more impressed if I didn’t have a local, Nunawading Fish and Chips, that does a burger that is almost as good for about half the price and is a quarter of the distance away. But for those who live closer to Albert Park, Andrew’s Hamburgers is a great place for a hearty, almost-healthy burger.
Rating: 13.5/20 – good ol’ burgers

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