Bay City Burrito

838 Glenferrie Rd 
Hawthorn, VIC
I am SpongeBob TardyPants. In the months that I had spent meaning to visit High Tech Burrito Australia, it has since then reopened to become Bay City Burrito instead. Upon checking their website however, that didn’t seem to be too big of a deal, as the menu still offered the same delicious range of tacos, nachos, and most importantly, burritos.
Bay City Burrito hails all the way the good ol’ US of A, or to be more specific, San Francisco. They are determined to bring the authentic Mexican experience to Melbourne, which frankly is highly needed. It feels a bit like a take-away sort of place, but there are plenty of people, us included, who are more than happy to sit down in the bright and airy space for a bite. 
Bay City Special ($13.9)
I had Chris immediately sold on the Bay City Special ($13.9), a soft tortilla stuffed tight with cheese, beans, Spanish rice, mild salsa, and two meats of our choice – we went with steak and chicken. We both really enjoyed the traditional mess of flavours in this burrito, and there was plenty of salsa to give the rice and carbs a whole lot of flavour. 
Cabo Supreme ($14.5)
I on the other hand ordered the lighter Cabo Supreme ($14.5). The flavour palette of this burrito is a lot brighter, with the lightness of pico de gallo, freshness of guacamole, and a slight tang from the lime sour cream. The steak is satisfyingly meaty, and the overall flavour combination is bold and delicious. 
I’m eager to come back to try some more of the massive menu, especially their nachos/tortilla chips. We had some of the tortilla chip samples floating around, and I had to go back for seconds because they were just that good. Bay City Burrito is a much needed breath of fresh air on the Mexican scene in Melbourne. It doesn’t try to be different or fancy, it just does Mexican like it is.
Rating: 14.5/20 – burrito your face in it!
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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      Hi Elspeth, thanks for dropping by! Glenferrie is closer to me than St Kilda is but I’d definitely pop in for a bite when I’m down that end of town; great post!

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