Brown Bagels

330 Collins St Shop 10 Equitable Pl 
Melbourne, VIC 
I adore Melbourne’s laneway culture. Even after 2 and a half years of food blogging, and hanging around the city for the last 10 years, I’m still constantly discovering little bits and pieces Melbourne has tucked away in its pockets and seams. Such as Brown Bagels, a teeny tiny cafe kept hidden in a narrow strip between 2 buildings that I didn’t know about until today. 

It’s a bit of a squeeze inside the palm-sized cafe, with a narrow communal bench inside and another one just outside under the eaves. It’s cosy not cramped, and I liked the little homely touches, though most of my attention was arrested by the large shelf at the back with different types of bagels catalogued in baskets.

Angus Beef Burger ($9.9) on a Plain Bagel
The unimaginative one chose to have the Angus Beef Burger ($9.9) on a Plain Bagel. On first glance, the thick patty looked grey with exhaustion, but it actually turned out to be flavoursome and moist, with herbs gently folded through. It was a very enjoyable meal, especially considering the way the sharp cheese melted into the beef. It wasn’t so much a bagel as a burgel, but good food is good food. 

Spicy Pork Bagel ($9.9) on a Wholemeal Bagel
I on the other hand tried one of their newer creations – the Spicy Pork Bagel ($9.9). It was quite similar to Chris’ Angus beef bagel, but instead of tomato sauce and a patty, my Wholemeal Bagel was stuffed with spicy shredded pork and chilli sauce. I found that the tender shredded pork to be very comforting, flavoured with the chilli bean paste that I’ve been having all my life. All up, it made for a generous and tasty meal.
If you came to brown bagels expecting the traditional bagel experience, I imagine you’d be disappointed. What’s on offer is more circular bread than a dense, chewy bagel, but I loved the variety of fillings on offer, including a tantalising nutella, strawberry and hazelnut one. Keep your mind a little bit open, and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy your experience.
Rating: 13/20 – normal is boring.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. And the number of creases in my lettuce. 

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