Cafe Soho

113-115 Kingsway 
Glen Waverley, VIC
While Ming’s busy studying for exams at time of writing, it falls to me, Chris, yet again to take the lead for another blog post. Enjoy!
You’d think that, living so close to Glen Waverley, Ming would have tried about every restaurant on offer on Kingsway. But in addition to the ever-increasing backlog of places to eat at, occasionally a new one crops up, such as Café Soho – replacing Café Moretti which previously stood in its place.

Not sure what to eat after a day of exam study, we ended up settling on Café Soho and rushed inside to get away from the winter chill. The interior is very much unchanged from our visit to Café Moretti, with the exception of various new Asian touches and the addition of TVs playing miscellaneous Asian dramas while you eat.

Garlic Bread ($4)
I wouldn’t normally be in any rush to order garlic bread at a restaurant, but ever since loving the Garlic Bread ($4) at Horoki, I’ve been eager to see if I can get my garlic bread fix anywhere else. I’m no garlic bread connoisseur, but the bread in this instance was dry and not particularly flavoursome. Not something I’d bother ordering again, though I suppose if you were dying for garlic bread this might get you by.

Spicy Minced Beef with Bean Curd on Rice ($9.8)
Spicy Minced Beef with Bean Curd on Rice ($9.8)
Ming ordered the Spicy Minced Beef with Bean Curd on Rice($9.8), and out came a very generous serving indeed. However, it was bland, with barely enough spice for even me to notice – and I’m a spice lightweight compared to Ming. There may have been enough of it to fill most people up easily, but we were left unsatisfied by this dish.
Fried Rice Noodle with Beef ($9.8)
I ordered the Fried Rice Noodle with Beef ($9.8), and I daresay this fared better than Ming’s order. Another generous serving, I was thankfully hungry enough to polish this off without any problems. It can probably best be summed up as sufficient; each component of the dish tasted about as good as you might expect from such a restaurant, but absolutely nothing more.
Overall, Café Soho delivered a barely OK experience. None of the dishes stood out, and 2 of 3 were sub-par. I can’t say there were any major faults, but that’s about it – take from that what you will.
Rating: 11/20
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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