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Sydney Cebu Lechon

I came across my very first Boodle Fight was when an old co-worker posted a photo of their Christmas celebrations. I had never before in my life seen so much food laid out on banana leaves, just waiting to be dug into with bare hands. And the centrepiece of it all was an entire suckling pig – lechon to be precise. I never got close enough to that particular co-worker to invite myself to one of their family feasts, but the longing for a meal where the size of the plate was measured in meters remained unabated.

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GJ’s Grill

As a very under-represented cuisine in Melbourne, Filipino food has always been a shiny curio to me. Based on my very limited knowledge, I know that Filipino cuisine is a very diverse one, taking its influences from a hodge-podge of countries in both the east and the west. And unlike Chris’ sister, I don’t have the good fortune of dating a Filipino bloke, so I have to do all my research in the field, and hope that what I’m eating is the real deal. Out of the limited options available for Filipino food in Melbourne, GJ’s Grill is by far the most lauded. It’s on the quiet outskirts of the CBD and pretty hard to find, but you’ll notice that…

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