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The Napier Hotel

Before tapas and clean eating became popular, the corner pub was where it was at. There was no gluten free or organic, just huge, hearty meals served up with a cold pint. The Napier Hotel has honoured the age-old tradition of meat and 3 veg since 1866, and despite the ongoing gentrification of the Fitzroy area, still remains a beloved local watering-hole to this day. But then again, calling The Napier (The Naps? Nazza?) a corner pub seems like a bit of a short sell. Although the rabbit warren of comfy rooms and well-worn furniture has hardly changed with the years, the menu has kept up with the times. Along with the standard pub meals, there is also a long…

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Hofbrauhaus is a bit of a Melbourne institution. Like The Waiter’s Club and Supper Inn, it’s been around for as long as anybody cares to remember, and the distinctive experience has not changed since day one. Or so I’ve heard. If you’ve ever watched a Viking cartoon as a kid, or seen any photos of Oktoberfest, then you know exactly what Hofbrauhaus looks like. They even had an in-house brass brand leading the tavern in a traditional drinking toast, before launching into classic tunes.

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The Post Hotel

For the longest time, I thought that all there was to St Kilda was the main Acland Street strip – the place near the beach and Luna Park, and what everyone thinks of when St Kilda is mentioned (if you’re not into Footy that is). But turns out there’s plenty to see and do off the beaten path, and today we were checking out The Post Hotel. Despite not being much of a pub girl, I was taken by just how comfy The Post Hotel was. Even if I wasn’t impressed by the warmly refined interior of brick and wood, I would’ve been impressed upon finding out that this used to be one of the grottiest pubs in Australia. At…

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