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I find it a bit hard to get excited over brunch these days. As much as I love the indulgent weekend ritual, it does start feeling a little same-same after a while. And paradoxically, this is actually exacerbated by how infrequently I have time to go out on a Saturday morning. When I do finally get around to it, I tend to expect the world from my brunch, and end up getting quite disappointed if it doesn’t live up to my hopes. Thankfully, I had spotted Oppen a few weeks before I was due to come back to Melbourne for Christmas, and was rather keen to try out their Scandinavian take on brunch.

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Restaurant Dansk

Flabbergasted and bemused, that’s how I felt when I read that Dansk, the lunch spot the Eat and be Merry crew suggested that we meet up to try, served Nordic food. What the heck is Nordic food? I had no idea, and everyone I asked gave me a similarly confused look, most of them replying with something along the lines of ‘don’t they eat huge steaks and drink lots of beer?’

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