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Shyun Ramen Bar

When the weather turns cold and nasty, what I love the most is a good bowl of ramen. The only thing is, I appear to be running out of new (and good) ramen to try in Melbourne! At least, that was until I came across Shyun Ramen Bar, and so, this blog lives to review another bowl of ramen. If you think the name Shyun sounds familiar, you’d be right. It is indeed younger sibling to the well-regarded Japanese classic. But unlike Shyun-the-original, the emphasis here is on noodles, though they also have a concise selection of rice dishes and snacks to share. Anyway, this place feels a gem on a chilly night, its warm brick interior reminiscent of a…

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Mrs Kim’s Grill

I love all forms of protein, but when a meat craving hits, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a well-cooked piece of beef. There’s just something so primal and satisfying about tucking into a medium rare steak, or ribs sizzling on the grill. In this respect, Korean BBQ has it all – not only do you get your meat cooked fresh at the table, it’s also wrapped up with pickles, rice, and a wonderfully social eating experience. When Mrs Kim (I assume that’s her name) migrated to Australia over 30 years ago, she had a nostalgic hankering for the food she grew up with. Fast forward to 2013, she has opened Mrs Kim’s Grill, a restaurant specialising in nothing…

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Yuu Yen

As great as the Thai food scene is getting in Melbourne these days, I feel like there’s still something missing. Although I’ve had a lot of tasty food around town, I’ve yet to have a meal that transported me to the streets of Thailand like Chat Thai did. Yuu Yen is here to fill that gap. Opened by Cookie-expat Kawee, Yuu Yen is a tiny but homely Thai restaurant just three weeks young (probably more like 5 weeks by the time this is posted though), right by Glen Huntley Station. Emboldened by Cookie’s success, Kawee was keen to bring more of the real Thailand to Australia. ‘We cook what we like to eat!’, he declared proudly.

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Huff Bagelry

No one likes exams, but for me, there was a silver lining. In my uni years, I would take my exams at Caulfield Racecourse, and I would use the excuse of needing extra sustenance to visit the myriad of restaurants in the nearby suburbs of Caulfield and Carnegie. I managed to check out a good few restaurants this way, but before I could try Huff Bagelry, I had completed 4 years worth of exams, and had neither reason nor time to go out to Carnegie on a weekday.

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The joy of Japanese food, in my opinion, is in its simplicity. A perfect slice of fish draped over a small clump of vinegared rice, quickly dipped in soy; the sweet earthiness of miso in a cloudy soup, with just a couple of scallions floating on the surface. At Shyun, you’ll find a menu that’s elegant in its simplicity, and surroundings with a quiet, Zen-like feel to match.

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