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Punjabi Curry Cafe

Despite being a fan of Indian food (who isn’t?), I don’t actually eat Indian very often at all. I’m not quite sure why, but I have a hunch it has something to do with the fact of how I just can’t justify to myself a meal full of deep frying and ghee (clarified butter) very often. But when the decision is made for me... I guess I have no choice! So it was with great glee that found myself having dinner at Punjabi Curry Cafe. If you want to make a good first impression, forget spending money decking out your place – just do what Punjabi Curry Cafe does and make sure your entire restaurant wafts with the intoxicating smell…

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Son In Law

After a good 3 years of kicking, screaming, and just stubborn resistance in general, I’ve finally given in and joined the Instagram bandwagon. And as much as it pains me to say it, I was definitely missing out – I now have all the food photos my greedy eyes can handle, and a portable way of sharing every meal I ever have. To top that off, Instagram is also a great way to discovernew and exciting restaurants, and one that’s popped up on my feed repeatedly is Son In Law.

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Aka Siro

Alright, Take 2. As you may recall from our post on Wabi Sabi Salon, when Ming and I first made our way to Aka Siro, we were so disappointed to find that they were still closed for the holidays! So, once we were finally well and truly out of the holiday season, we made a return trip to Aka Siro a priority. Having shown up on a Thursday night, we were right on time for Aka Siro’s Thursday Tapas Night, during which we were presented with a slimmed-down, tapas-only menu. Though this menu may total only 10 items (excluding dessert), there was no shortage of tempting dishes to pick from, with a fair amount of variety to sate your Japanese…

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Wabi Sabi Salon

Call me Peanut Butter and Disappointed. I had attempted to visit Aka Siro just shy of 3 weeks into the new year, but after salivating over the prospect of delicious home-styled Japanese cooking for the entire day, I showed up only to realise that Aka Siro was still closed for the holidays! Luckily I was in the Collingwood/Fitzroy area, and within 5 minutes I had found myself a passable replacement. Wabi Sabi Salon is one of those places that I had walked past, come across, and heard of dozens of times, but have never really bothered to visit. This unassuming little Japanese restaurant has been around for quite a while, and it does show in the interior, which looks a…

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Hotel Jesus

Mamasita was the restaurant that introduced Melbourne to ‘real’ Mexican food. Although there are other authentic Mexican restaurants that have been around for longer, Mamasita was the one that really put Mexican on the map. But unlike other wildly successful restaurants, the people behind Mamasita didn’t immediately set about expanding their empire (I’m looking at you, Chin Chin!). But finally, almost a whole 7 years later, we were finally blessed with Hotel Jesus (AYYYYY-MEN!).

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Biggie Smalls

Kebab joints are a dime a dozen in Melbourne, so what’s so special about Biggie Smalls? Well for starters, there are no other places in Melbourne where you can get kebabs designed by Shane Delia, the brains behind the ever-popular Middle Eastern restaurant, Maha. I’ll never understand how some of these big-name chefs always seem to nab the prime real estate, but Biggie Smalls sits on the main Smith Street strip, nestled amongst a series of other culinary big-shots. Appropriately enough, it is a conglomeration of cultures – the Aussie take-away counter transitioning into traditional American diner booths, and old-school hip-hop blaring whilst you bite into your kebab.

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