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Glen Waverley

Shira Nui

I count myself exceptionally lucky to have a Japanese restaurant as stellar as Shira Nui in my neighbourhood. Instead of being grandiose or tacky, Shira Nui has opted for a clean and restrained approach – in true Japanese style. And though I count the omakase option to be the one of the best meals I’ve ever had, I’ve decided to give the a la carte menu a go instead, partially because Chris isn’t the hugest fan of sushi, and partially because I’m convinced that it’ll be just as breathtaking of a meal.

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Ricy Boat

It’s a small world. Ricy Boat is a new restaurant that’s opened up in our ‘hood that supposedly serves traditional Yunnan Cross Bridge Rice Noodles. With my dad being from Yunnan and my mum being born not too far from there, they were of course very excited, and rushed off to visit within weeks of opening. 15 minutes of conversation later, my parents found out that not only do they ship some of their ingredients (like the pickled vegetables) straight from Yunnan, but the owner used to live – get this – not just in the same city, but the same SUBURB as we did. Dad was ecstatic, and all but bundled me off to go and review them. And…

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Taiwan Cafe

I’ve lived no more than one suburb away from Glen Waverley for almost half my life (#asian), and if I were to look through my blog archives, I would find confirmation that I have indeed eaten at over 80% of the restaurants along (and near) the Kingsway strip. And whilst it’s an area where turnover is fast and only the most popular survive, any change is a welcome change, and a new restaurant – such as Taiwan Cafe – is bound to have people bursting out the door, even if it’s just at the beginning, to suss out if it’s a worthy gem in the Kingsway crown.

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Monga Izakaya

You know what puts me in a blogging slump? Food poisoning. After eating salad from a place that shall remain un-named, I was afflicted with 3 whole days of gastric agony before I could put anything solid in my mouth again. Still, the show must go on, and on the first of those three days when the nausea wasn’t too bad, I dragged myself to Monga, a hidden away izakaya in Glen Waverley that I had been meaning to visit for a long time, albeit under better circumstances.

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Saigon Light

I’m not sure I like Christmas anymore. Now before you all call me a Grinch, hear me out. When I was younger, Christmas was the time of year where no more work was done at school, and the prospects of presents and endless weeks of holidays loomed on the horizon. But now, as a soon-to-be working young adult, Christmas has suddenly morphed into a stressful time of present-buying, gift-wrapping, dinner-planning, and money-depleting. But arguably worst of all is the unpredictable opening hours of restaurants, leaving food bloggers who like to plan their meals out in the cold.

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Waya Japanese Restaurant

Glen Waverley is a pretty neat suburb to live near. There is a plethora of food to be easily had whenever a craving hits, and usually I can find something in Glen Waverley to hit that spot. However, one thing I’ve always complained of is the lack of good Japanese. Well I mean, that’s not entirely true, considering that it houses the famous Shira Nui, but who has $80 to shell out on premium sushi every Sunday night?

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