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You’re in for a treat today- another post by everyone’s favourite blogging sidekick, Chris! What’s the occasion this time? Well, read on and it’ll become pretty obvious! First things first: I can’t do a review of Burgerlove without first declaring how incredibly biased I am. To explain why, perhaps a little history lesson is necessary: You see, Burgerlove wasn’t always called Burgerlove. Back in ye olde times of early 2015, when I was working in an office in South Melbourne, one of my coworkers happened to discover a tasty and very reasonably priced cafe nearby called Cafe 51. They had your standard cafe fare- coffees, sandwiches, and salads, but most importantly, they made a very, very mean burger.

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KUU Cafe

I had heard of KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitchen a long time ago, but it was only recently that I had managed to pay this little spot a visit. Although I’ve always known KUU for having an intriguing, Japanese-inspired brunch menu, it was actually dinner that I came for, after deciding that salad is no longer an option for dinner in the recently descended Melbourne winter. Set a little bit off the bustle of the main South Melbourne strip, KUU is as cute as a button with its whitewashed brick walls, fresh flowers, and wooden tables and chairs that wouldn’t look out of place in a primary school. The overall result is endlessly cute and endearing – an image helped…

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Hercules Morse

I was an avid reader as a child (and even more of an avid-er reader now), often downing books as fast as my parents could take me to the library. I distinctly remember that in year 3, I went through the booklist for the entire year by September, and my teachers ended up telling me to read the dictionary – and I imagine they were only partially joking! But despite all that reading, there is a certain age-group of books I somewhat missed out on. I migrated from China to Australia when I was 5, and by the time my English caught up to my Chinese at about age 7, I was at the tail-end of the era of picture…

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The Kettle Black

Melbourne is growing up. Though grungy is definitely still very much in, the trend seems to be slowly but surely shifting towards minimalist stylishness. As much as I’m a fan of the homely and the rustic, I have to say it is nice not to run the risk of feeling like I’m sitting in someone’s garage for brunch. Whilst I’ve been brunch-less for the last year, the Eggs Benedict scene has been moving forward without me. One of the most recent developments is The Kettle Black, spanning across one end of a modern apartment block through to a quaint Victorian home. The result is surprisingly harmonious, making for a uniquely chic and polished spot that have people flocking to in…

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Mr Loys Puff

When I travelled to Malaysia and Singapore two summers back, I spent every available moment stuffing my face with the delicacies on offer. Whilst it didn’t take too long for my stomach to rebel against the never-ending litany of food, I had enough time to eat up all of my favourites – Hainanese chicken rice, fried kweh teow, roti soaked in curry sauce, steaming hot bowls of laksa. But what left me with the deepest impression was a heavenly curry puff I had from a street side vender, the flaky pastry stuffed full of spiced lamb chunks and fluffy potato. I’ve yet to find an equivalent in Melbourne, but Mr Loys Puff seemed as good of a place to start…

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Chez Dre

‘Why are all the good cafes in alleyways?’ asked my little sister as we rounded the corner to Chez Dre. ‘Because we’re in Melbourne, I grunted back, half-asleep. I’ve kind of been meaning to go to Chez Dre for over a year now, but being car-less, I’ve never really mustered up the determination to trudge my way out there in the early hours. But it’s not every day my younger sister turns 10, so up we got at 9am on a Sunday to make our way to South Melbourne. We were predictably faced with a 25 minute wait when we got there, but it would’ve been significantly shorter if an inconsiderate couple hadn’t pushed their way in front of us,…

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