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Circa the Prince – Hop Harvest Degustation

So I while back, I found a very interesting email sitting in my inbox, inviting me to a Hop Harvest Degustation. It didn’t take a genius to work out that this was a combination of beer tasting and fine dining at Circa the Prince, and despite not being much of a beer fan, I was eager to learn more about the golden brew, and any food is good food in my books. I am SOthere.

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Radio Mexico

Sometimes the impromptu decisions are the best ones. After a pharmacy party that involved a cake the size of a small table, I decided that I couldn’t do our pre-planned burgers for dinner. And because I had Thai food just the previous week, I decided on my other go-to cuisine for when I’m feeling a bit bleh – Mexican. One thing I love about working full time is the extra money I have to spend on food. Whilst Radio Mexico was on the slightly more pricey side just a few months back, it’s now almost pocket change. Like many reviews promised, the restaurant was buzzing, pumping, whatever you want to call it on a sunny Friday afternoon. There are plenty…

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Lau’s Family Kitchen

Chinese food doesn’t excite me. In fact it tends to do the exact opposite a lot of the time. But like all things familiar, I find myself inevitably returning to it when I’m feeling down, when my appetite is low, or when I’m simply craving something comforting. Lau’s Family Kitchen is a small but cosy family-styled Cantonese restaurant tucked away in the unlikely locale of St Kilda. For all its diminutive size, the Lau’s are of ex-Flower-Drum-Fame, and the esteem shows. It may have the bustling energy of a good Chinese restaurant, but the notes of the orient are quiet and classy with no boisterous reds to slam the senses, and the staff are polite and helpful.

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Golden Fields

Another year, another Andrew McConnell restaurant. I’ve been a little obsessed with the bloke ever since the extraordinary birthday dinner I had at Cumulus Inc last year, and less than a week after that, I had locked in Golden Fields as the dining destination for my next birthday. Golden Fields has been predictably popular ever since it’s opening, and even more so after it was crowned ‘Best New Restaurant of 2012’ by The Age. That said though, it was so quiet at 6pm on a Monday night that the 5 of us could have probably walked in without a booking.

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Pub. Kebabs. Pizza. Pub, Ice Cream, Pub, Kebabs, Pub, Pub. Just four months ago, this is what walking down Fitzroy Street in St Kilda would’ve been like. Then all of a sudden, U-Village, a Malaysian fusion restaurant pops up, and St Kilda is looking to be a much more interesting culinary destination. U-Village is a big change from all the surrounding restaurants; it’s wonderfully bright and spacious, the modern wood panelling tempered by potted plants and vases of flowers. The staff were polite and hospitable, taking me right back to my holiday in Malaysia. And I was lucky enough to be invited to try out their new menu – YIPEE!

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