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Ramen and Dumpling House

Strangely enough, Glen Waverley has slowly slipped into a dearth of good Chinese food. Now I don’t mean southern Chinese food – Dainty Sichuan and Chong Qing Hot Pot takes care of that. What I mean is good, hearty northern Chinese food. Whereas Glen Waverley used to have the legendary Bob’s Kitchen, now even the substitute of Raramen has closed down, in light of repeated food safety offences. So now whenever I feel the urge for some good dumplings, I have to head all the way out to Box Hill. Now imagine my surprise when on one visit to the local shopping centre, I found that the charcoal chicken shop has been replaced with Ramen and Dumpling House.

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Treasure Restaurant

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!! We are so, so lucky to have a restaurant as good as The Treasure literally up the road from our house. We normally head to The Treasure for a leisurely weekend Asian brunch (aka yum cha) session, as opposed to facing the yum cha moshpit at places such as Shark Fin. But today, we’re here to celebrate mum growing one year older, one year wiser, and one year prettier of course!

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Crown Palace

Happy Chinese New Year! To usher in the year of the dragon, which is seen by many Chinese to be the most auspicious year in the lunar calendar, dumplings must be pleated, phone calls to overseas relatives must be made, and a big dinner must be had. We were originally going to eat at The Treasure Restaurant just up the road from our house, which not only does excellent yum-cha, but delicious a la carte fare too. Shame they were closed. So we turned around and drove to Crown Palace instead.

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