Don Don

321 Swanston St
Melbourne, 3000
In need of a cheap meal? Look no further than Don Don, the king of value. And not just value, but speed as well. Anyone who has eaten at Don Don (or its younger sibling, DonToo) will know that your food seems to be placed in front of you even before you’ve finished putting your change back into your wallet. And change you will have, for most things at Don Don hover around the $6-7 mark, with the most expensive item at a pricey $8.30.
I’ve been to Don Don more times than I can count, but today I stuck with my favourite – Chicken Curry Don ($6.80). Pieces of tender smoky teriyaki chicken sat atop of an island of fluffy white rice in an ocean of thick curry sauce, accompanied by a handful of bright pink pickles, and a single broccoli floret. Serving size is huge, especially for the price you’ve paid, but flavour is most certainly not compromised. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that this is the best Japanese curry I’ve ever had!
 Chicken Curry Don ($6.80)
Service and decor here is practically non-existent. You order at the counter, grab a napkin and a spoon, and take your food to a table – that is, if there are any available. If not, then just grab your take-away box, and take it across the street, and eat it on the lawn in front of State Library.
Rating: 14/20 – Good ol’ Favourite

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