Eunhasu Korean Restaurant

33 Everton Road
Strathfield, NSW 2135

I have been reading Pachinko recently (fantastic book by the way, would 100% recommend, especially for those looking for excellent novels by women of colour), and the descriptions of Korean food in it got me absolutely craving for the stuff.

Eunhasu Korean Restaurant is a small, unassuming little shop located on the quieter side of Strathfield, serving up a range of dishes that would be familiar to many. But despite its utilitarian appearance, the space was clean and comfortable, and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming if we had been family.


One of the reasons I chose Eunhasu out of the smorgasbord of Korean restaurants in Strathfield is for its selection of banchan. And indeed, there was a generous total of 5 side dishes to go with our meal, and free refills offered without us having to ask. I was especially fond of the slices of slightly spicy acorn jelly, as well as the crunchy pickled zucchini, but everything else was up to scratch as well.

Bulgogi Stone Hot Pot ($15)

The Bulgogi Stone Hot Pot ($15) was somewhat underwhelming, being mild and on the too-sweet side, rather than having the rich beefiness that I had hoped for. The add-ins were limited to cabbage and sweet potato noodles, but there was at least plenty of meat, as well as a bowl of rice included in the price.

Kimchi Pancake ($18)

The Kimchi Pancake ($18) on the other hand was delicious, despite not looking very interesting. It struck a great balance between the crispy edges and a soft centre that was hearty enough to hold the crunchy, tangy kimchi, but not so thick as to be doughy. I ate every last bite despite my better judgement.

For an area that’s replete with Korean restaurants, Eunhasu is rather ordinary. With that said however, there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. Judging by the small groups of all-Korean clientele, this is a place to come for simple home cooking on a weeknight, rather than anything schmancy. It may not be glamorous, but there’s clearly a place for Eunhasu in the locals’ hearts.

Rating: 12/20 – home away from home.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit

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