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The gourmet burger. Up until a few years ago, it was still a niche concept. I mean, who would want a burger that isn’t dripping with artery-narrowing grease? It practically defies the very point of having a burger. Fast forward a few years however, it seems like more people would rather eat a burger with a knife and fork than with their bare hands, a concept I still don’t, and never will agree with. Point being, gourmet burgers have become so popular that there’s even, paradoxically, a fast food chain for it – Grill’d

Ushering the gourmet burger into the spotlight, Grill’d has been praised top to bottom for providing a casual gourmet burger with fresh ingredients at a reasonable price. Made to order, of course. The waiters are young, bubbly and attractive, flipping your burgers and handing back your change with a smile, and maybe just the hint of a wink.

Crispy Bacon and Cheese ($10.9)
Mustard and Pickled! ($9.9)
Chris and I (fun fact: this is our valentines date, unromantic-high-five!) ordered the Crispy Bacon and Cheese ($10.9) and the Mustard and Pickled! ($9.9) on wholemeal traditional buns. I’ll let you decide who ordered which. Both burgers tasted very similar, and very strongly of their signature herbed mayo and tomato relish. I wish that the mustard and pickles had more tang to them, and that the cheese and bacon were, well, more cheesy and bacon-y. That’s not to say they were bad burgers though. They were fresh, filling, and had a juicy, well-herbed patty. However it might be worth it to go with some of the more usual concoctions if you want something a bit different.
Chips ($3.3, snack size)
The Chips ($3.3, snack size) at Grill’d were still some of the best I’ve had. Generously sprinkled with sea salt and a herb mix, these golden batons were crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. I dare you to find a better plate of chips for that price, or even twice that price. 
Agrum ($2.5)
And some Agrum ($2.5). Is it weird that I hate orange flavoured everything, but I love orange flavoured drinks… and oranges?
It’s a bit disappointing to find that the burgers at Grill’d lacked the wow-factor they had three years back, when gourmet burgers were the hottest things since maracons. However, I will say that it is a good, solid and fresh burger that won’t leave a greasy film of regret on your tongue. It may not be my first choice anymore, but it still makes for a damn-good backup burger.
Rating: 13/20 – backup burger

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