96 Ramsay St
Haberfield, NSW 2045

Happyfield is what you get when someone asks: ‘what if American diner, but Australian?’ Yes, they have impossibly perfect pancakes, and enormous breakfast platters heaving with all 9 of their ‘happy sides’. But you’re also welcome to start your day with falafel dipped in green miso, or avo toast (of course), and coffee is treated with the utmost seriousness. The music is on-point, catering exactly to the demographic that would wait 90 minutes for brunch don’t @ me. Speaking of busy, they were way more packed out than I had expected on my first visit, and so didn’t end up budgeting enough time in my day for dine-in, but they were more than happy to pack me a meal to go. They even offered to expedite my order, and were so sweet about it it’s as if they were all reared on cans of the pure Canadian maple syrup printed on their merch. The second time around however, I was determined to get the genuine Happyfield experience. And despite a wait that was longer than the time limit on the actual table, it somehow ended up feeling completely worth it. Pancake magic is real, y’all.

Rating: 14.5/20 – pancake magic.
Hot tip: get takeaway if you’re inpatient or hate getting up early on the weekend.
Don’t miss: PANCAKES.

The Happiest Meal ($32)

If you come to Happyfield and didn’t get The Happiest Meal ($32), did you even come to Happyfield? With pancakes, a breakfast sandwich, and two hashbrowns, this pretty much covers off all the must-have dishes from the menu.

Short Stack

Let’s talk pancakes. These were easily the best I’ve ever had. Fluffy, light, and with just the right amount of sweetness so a heavy dose of maple syrup makes it feel indulgent but not cloying, this is the epitome of simple pleasures.

McLovin’ Muffin

For those who prefer savoury, the McLovin’ Muffin is similarly stellar. Every part of this egg-cheese-sausage concoction is top quality, but it’s the chunky, herb-flecked chicken sausage that really makes it shine.

Hash Browns

And of course, hash browns! These aren’t the greasy-but-good-but-also-shameful specimens most of us are used to; instead, these are light and golden crisp, with a generous shake of chicken salt on top. Smear on some chipotle mayo for maximum impact.

Green Bowl 2.0 ($18)

Despite being called the Green Bowl 2.0 ($18), there is no chance you’ll leave hungry after downing this. Comprising of a slew of nutrient-dense ingredients – fava bean falafel, roast broccolini, avocado, feta, green miso, just to name a few – this is hearty and full of flavour, and guaranteed to carry you through to dinner.

Lemonade ($7)

The drinks list here is pretty rad. You’ve got your usual stuff, but you can also get your hands on some breakfast booze, as well as house-made Lemonade ($7) in a variety of flavours. And because pink is not a real flavour, I went with tropical instead, which was just the right balance of sweet and tangy, with just a hint of sparkle. Coffee here is also guaranteed to spark happiness. Both the Skim Flat White ($4) and Iced Latte ($5, small) – not pictured, obvs – were rich and creamy, with just the right amount of bitterness.

Coco Cereal Bowl ($17)

Rather than explain why I ordered this, maybe I should ask how anyone can see something called the Coco Cereal Bowl ($17) and not order it. This was a very delish take on the granola bowl, and was just the right balance of fruity and chocolatey, creamy and crunchy. I know the photo looks a bit janky, but yes you absolutely should get it.

Happier Eggs ($22)

Eggs on toast are boring, but Happier Eggs ($22)? You got me. Slap that Pepe Seya butter onto your multigrain sourdough, then load it up with eggs your way, and choice of two (happy) sides. Heck, why not just turn it into a DIY bacon and egg sandwich, and pick at the sauteed mushrooms because it feels wrong to not have a single vegetable at brunch (and also because they’re yummy).

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