Hook Line and Sinker Fish and Chips

91 Kingsway
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Because fish and chips follows the beach as surely as Edward disturbingly stalks follows Bella, Chris and I headed to Hook Line and Sinker Fish and Chips in Glen Waverley after what’s most likely our last, but very glorious beach day of the year. Unlike your greasy local fish and chippery, Hook Line and Sinker is more like a casual bar specialising in beach-side food. And yes they do have al-fresco seating and beer on tap; even some wine for the grownups! Now all they need is some beach.  
Fresh Seafood
Salads of the Day
 HL&S is a little bit healthy, and a little bit gourmet. Sure you can get a fisherman’s basket that comes with a potato cake and a dim sim, but you can also get salt and pepper calamari, chilli mussels, and wasabi prawns with a salad and brown rice. Burgers are also served, and a couple of promising looking spits in the back roast up lamb and chicken for a souvlaki. 
Bikini Pack ($12.5)
 Making a mighty pathetic effort to be healthy, I ordered the Bikini Pack ($12.5), which has a piece of grilled catch of the day, a salad of your choice, and a side of chips or brown rice. I am going to defend myself right now, and say that the chips were mainly for the Chris’ benefit. The piece of grilled fish was a good size, and I loved the spice mix they sprinkled on top. The Greek salad was surprisingly good, with fresh rocket and baby spinach leaves (my favourite salad leaves), crunchy cucumber and onion, juicy tomatoes and olives, all tied together with creamy feta and tangy dressing.
Catch of the Day ($5.5)
And an extra piece of the Catch of the Day ($5.5) for Chris. The batter was light, crispy, and well drained. It wasn’t all that different from the grilled version, but funnily enough I enjoyed the grilled one a lot more; the flavours were more robust, and you could enjoy the fish without the batter getting in the way.
Is HL&S good? Yes it is. The fish is fresh, the variety is good, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy healthier options with a cold beer whilst people watching. But is it worth the surcharge? Some people would say yes, but I personally don’t think so. After all, there’s almost nothing in life as good as fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, eaten right on the beach
Rating: 12.5/20 – gourmet fish and chips

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