106 Smith Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066

A simple burger is a good burger. Yet the golden ratio seems as elusive as finding a Weasley without red hair. The people at The Burger Adventure even dedicate an entire blog to finding that perfect sandwich. And after two thwarted attempts to get to the hottest, hippest, and hype-est burger new burger place (one of which involving me sleeping in for a good 5 hours), we finally made it to Huxtaburger on a sunny Friday afternoon.
A simple sign proclaiming burgers is all you need, as the beef really is the star of the show here. And their slogan, Hot Beef and Cold Beer? Yes please!
A carefully calculated interior combines elements from both American diner and Australian fish and chippery. It’s a setup that encourages take-away, as there are only a few seats inside, and not too many more out by the road.
Huxtaburger ($8)
Huxtaburger ($8)
The basic burger, the Huxtaburger($8) is small-ish, but is hefty for its size. Picking it up, I found the lightly toasted bun deflating and disintegrating under my fingers, but the first bite into the buttery, sweet, and slightly crispy brioche was heaven. There is no pretence of healthy here – it’s all buttered brioche, melted cheese, and a full flavoured wagyu patty, making for a burger that is simultaneously gourmet yet diner-delicious. The thinly sliced pickles and radioactive yellow mustard provide the perfect amount of tang, and the freshness of the salad tipped the scales just enough to keep the burger in perfect balance.
Theo ($11)
The Theo ($11), which was the Huxtaburger beefed up (heh) with an extra patty, extra cheese, a rasher of bacon, and anointed with a squirt of BBQ sauce, had to be ordered. This gruelling task fell to Chris, who could barely contain his glee at being ordered to eat a meatasaurus for ‘food blogging’s sake’. This is a much less balanced mouthful compared to the Huxtaburger, consisting of meat, meat and more meat. It’s smoky and rich from the double whammy of bacon and BBQ sauce, and whilst still delicious, it all but masked the other flavours in the burger, most regrettably the sweetness of the bun.
Check out that drippage. This is a messy burger kids.
And all that protein. Chris was practically in a meat coma by the end.
Regular Chips ($3)
Oh and I almost forgot, a regular serve of Crinkle Cut Chips ($3) topped off our meal. Crispy? Yes.  Salty? Yes. Mass produced? Yes. Perfect? Yes Yes Yes!
So yeah. Go now. 
Rating: 15/20 – elbow-wobblingly good.

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