Jackson Dodds

611 Gilbert Rd
Preston, VIC 3072
I don’t have brunch near my place, but I do have yum cha, aka Asian brunch. At least, I did until the place reopened as a Malaysian restaurant. So now I don’t even have that. So it completely baffles me why Chris doesn’t have Sunday brunch at Jackson Dodds every  day of the week. 
Things haven’t changed much since my inaugural visit a couple years ago, but the menu is now two pages long, and more tempting than ever. And that’s not even including the specials and the muffin of the day. Despite its success however, Jackson Dodds has retained its homely, family-friendly feel. The staff are still down-to-earth, and the smell of bacon is still all-pervading. 
And yes, the ceiling-trike is still there. 
Flat White ($3.5)
Unable to shake my coffee habit even after a weekend sleep-in, I indulged in a Flat White ($3.5). Though the layer of froth looks suspiciously thick for a flat white, the coffee itself was great – rounded, nutty, and golden. 
Fresh Orange Juice ($4.5, regular)
Chris meanwhile had a Fresh Orange Juice ($4.5, regular), which as promised, was freshly squeezed and delicious. Whilst Chris and I disagreed on whether orange juices tasted better with pulp (it does!), we both agreed that this OJ would’ve tasted even better chilled.
Seasoned Avocado ($16) with Bacon (add $3)
I get a bit greedy when it comes to brunch, but I can’t help it when brunch insists on being so delicious. I ended up settling for a brunch classic – the Seasoned Avocado ($16) with Bacon(add $3). 
Seasoned Avocado ($16) with Bacon (add $3)
And life is beautiful. The thickly mashed avocado is delicious, flavoured with feta and chunks of tomato blended in with a hint of lemon. Cutting into the egg released a golden river of yolk over rashers of perfectly cooked bacon. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the bacon at Jackson Dodds is amazing, cooked to that sweet spot where they’re crispy but still meaty and satisfying. 
Sausage Omelette ($16)
Sausage Omelette ($16)
In comparison, the Sausage Omelette ($16) looked like child’s play – but that’s not to say it’s small, not even close! The golden folds of egg were fluffy and light, and in its embrace were spicy slices of chorizo and dollops of melting feta. Not only was the execution brilliant, but inspired too by the addition of mint, which brought out a middle-eastern flavour to what was originally a traditional breakfast.  
Seasoned Avocado ($16) with Bacon (add $3)
After all the brunch I’ve had, I think I’ve come full circle back to simple dishes cooked with flair. Jackson Dodds has definitely held onto its stellar reputation, and it’s by far the best brunch I’ve had this year. Mind you, this is only the second or third brunch I’ve had in the year, but even if it wasn’t, it would still take an incredible competitor to knock off its crown.
Rating: 16/20 – Jackson dooda.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 
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