389 Lonsdale St 
Melbourne, VIC 

I was ready to hate Kalamaki before we even stepped foot inside.Why? Because it was standing where AsprBle, one of my favourite restaurants in town, used to be. Yes yes, I know it’s unfair to be biased like this but, old affections die hard.

I was surprised to find Kalamaki packed at lunch o’clock on a Thursday.  But then again a gourmet souvlaki shop opening right at the top of Hardware Lane is basically a honey pot for office workers. 

The owners of Kalamaki kept most of the easygoing Greek vibe that Aspro Ble had, choosing only to change the small tables to a long window seat, and doubling the length of the communal table. Despite how packed it was, we had an easy time finding a seat for two, as most of the patrons were crowded around the counter for take-away. 
Slow Roasted Lamb Souvlaki ($9)
Slow Roasted Lamb Souvlaki ($9)
The Slow Roasted Lamb Souvlaki ($9) was a winner. The copious amounts of juice from the lamb soaked into the cushiony pita and herbed chips, the soft richness of the meat broken up by tomatoes, onions, and a smear of tzatziki. 
Sheftalies Souvlaki ($10)
The Sheftalies Souvlaki($10) was filled with small Greek sausages, which were chunky and tenderly flavoured with lemon and oregano. Unfortunately, between slightly overcooked sausages, a carbohydrate double whammy from the pita and chips, and insufficient tzatziki, this was rather dry and a bit hard to swallow, despite tasting nice.
All in all, I quite liked the souvlakis served up at Kalamaki. They’re not as big as the two-handed monsters you find on Sydney Road; they’re more akin to small hefty grenades of protein. But when you combine fork-tender lamb, pillowy bread, and a few classic fillings, what you get is an age-old recipe that can’t fail.
Rating: 13/20 – juiciest lamb ever
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. And the number of sheep my sister is keeping in Minecraft.

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