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I’ve always been glad to live in a multicultural city, and even more so when I began this food blogging biz. But a part of me has always wondered – what if I was eating the ‘fake’ versions of all the delicious foods on offer around the world? Like that time in China where my grandparents bought me what they thought, honest to god, was real pizza. Except it had corn and frankfurts on it.
No, really. That’s the restaurant.
After a couple trips overseas, I decided that what we have over here in terms of Japanese and Malaysian food is pretty good, ramen aside. And when I heard from a co-worker who just got back from Italy that she likes the pizzas at Kaprica just as much as what she had abroad, I was stoked. 

The vibe at Kaprica is to die for. Lazy jazz played in the background of an old warehouse, which has since been converted to a broodingly seductive dining room. We’re in Italy, no doubt about it. And not just any part of Italy – the bohemian part for sure. 

Marinated Olives ($7)
A bowl of Marinated Olives ($7) with a side of good bread works for me the same way wine works for other people, transitioning my day smoothly from work to relaxation. These dark olives were rich and bitter, immersed in a marinade that’s aromatic with garlic, but could’ve done with more citrus. 

Margherita ($10, 10 inch)
I’ll get straight to the point here – the Margherita($10, 10 inch) is marvellous. The toppings were thrown about with joyful abandon, the fresh basil leaves, pockets of cheese, and ripe tomato paste the only garments the wafer- base needed. 
Salsiccia ($14, 10 inch)
A little more adorned was the Salsiccia($14, 10 inch), a sausage pizza garnished with lively onion slivers, chunks of pork and fennel sausage that complemented instead of dominated, and (boldly) whole slices of chilli. Scattered on top was shredded parsley, its fresh aroma freed by the heat of the pizza.
I can easily say that these are some of the best pizzas I’ve had the pleasure of eating, and whilst I do like the margherita at Firechief more, there is something to be said about paying a tenner as opposed to more than twice that much. Plus the sausage pizza was plain amazing, and I’ve heard marvellous things about the salmon pizza too. Hidden in plain sight, Kaprica is a gem of a find, even if I wasn’t the one who found it.
Rating: 15/20 – kaptivating.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.

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